Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dr. Jeralee Anderson runs for City Council Position 6

Jeralee Anderson
As an experienced non-profit executive, civil engineer, and startup founder, I have dedicated my career to public service and sustainable development.

I am committed to creating policies and making decisions that promote a safe, prosperous, and resilient Redmond for residents, families, businesses, and future generations.

I am a passionate advocate for healthy, equitable communities, and environmental conservation. I will be a voice on the Council representing Redmond’s diverse businesses, startup culture, women’s issues, and STEM education.

I will apply my problem-solving skills and engineering creativity to future-proof Redmond’s infrastructure projects. I will make sure your tax dollars are invested in projects that enhance quality of life and do right by the environment. Together, we will make Redmond’s streets smarter, safer, and better connected for pedestrians, bicycles, transit, and for all ages and abilities.

I would be honored to serve as your Councilwoman. Thank you for your vote.  Endorsed by 48th and 45th District Democrats. 

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