Monday, June 12, 2017

Redmond's Population, Age and Race demographics

Redmond is planning for a total of 78,000 people and 119,000 jobs by 2030, representing increases of approximately 18,000 more people and 34,000 more jobs than from 2015. 

Most growth will be in the Downtown and Overlake urban centers. Together, these urban "neighborhoods" are planned to accommodate approximately 2/3 of the population growth and almost half of the job growth through 2030. The rest of the population growth would occur in Redmond’s other 8 neighborhoods and most of the remaining job growth would be focused in Southeast Redmond and along the Willows Road corridor.

2015 Neighborhood Populations:    

Education Hill - 11,119
Grasslawn - 9,181
Downtown - 7,527
Overlake - 6,972
Willows/Rose Hill - 4,293
Southeast Redmond - 4,107

2015 Median Age:  34 years

2015 Race:  55% White, 30% Asian, 10 Hispanic, 3% Other
 2% Black


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Richard Morris said...

This is a very interesting post about Redmond's demographics. It looks like I am living beyond the "median age" group. But I have my health.