Friday, June 9, 2017

UPDATED: Downtown transit station designing moves forward

Redmond council members still haven't formally approved design and construction of the downtown light rail station but may take action soon once Sound Transit signs off. 

From everything I've read and heard, the west Downtown transit station will be elevated and located near Redmond Town Center in the vicinity of 164th Avenue and NE 166th Avenue. A spur may run towards Half Price Books....I don't know why.  Everyone seems to worry the elevated station being an eyesore - I'll be packing my ear-plugs! 

The east station will be in the vicinity of Maryooor Park. About 1400 parking spaces are planned in and around the Marymoor station, mostly to service Sammamish ridge commuters and future aquatics center users. Nancy McCormick (retired councilwoman of 24 years) says the parking spaces will also benefit Redmond commuters "by unclogging east-west streets."  It is not yet known if the parking will be in two garages or scattered around "the new neighborhood." President Margeson  doesn't care a wit for garage parking.  Two Marymoor developers are lobbying council to allow parking in their proposed buildings but they expect compensation for the lost space.  

Some trivia:  In their reports, city planners name the Marymoor station neighborhood a "sub area."  To personalize the sub area President Margeson's been calling it "Joe's Neighborhood."  Councilmember David Carson enjoys calling it "Marymoor Flats" and was the first to suggest a friendly name. Not so trivial, Councilmember Angela Birney insists on a more "eclectic" look and feel for the new neighborhood.  I totally agree...our city is in sorry need of some personality.  

Bob Yoder

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