Friday, May 19, 2017

Bood Drive June 20

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BLOOD  DRIVE, Tuesday,June 20th, 1-7pm

We’re doing it again….asking you to donate an hour of your time to save a life!  Redmond United Methodist Church is hosting a blood drive, June 20th from 1-7pm (break 3-3:45pm).  Whether they use your blood whole or spin it into three components, only you can help meet the daily need for Puget Sound hospitals.

I was registering donors yesterday and a young women came in because she saw the signs.  She donated FOR A FRIEND THAT NEEDED 8 UNITS after complications with a delivery of a baby.  It underscores that any of us or a family member might need it.

EMAIL:  for an appointment!  We’ll  have some wonderful cookies or brownies to thank you for your generosity!  

Tina Paul

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