Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UPDATED: Jerry's Art Collection

Jerry Torell proudly showing off  his art collection - he has over 100  pieces
Have you ever in your life seen a collection of art in a dry-cleaners? It would have to be a first, don't you think?  Well here is Jerry Torell beaming in front of part of his collection. He managed to work a deal with the owner to work part-time if he could display and sell his art on the side.    

"Camms/Northstar Dry Cleaners" is located on 14701 N.E 20th Street by I-Hop off of 148th Avenue.  Jerry frames most of his art and sells the pieces at affordable prices.  His collection is diverse and quite interesting.  I may be buying a piece.  Jerry normally has not sold his art online, preferring the personal touch.  You can find him at the dry-cleaners Thursday's and Friday's 10 am to 6 pm, or make an appointment (425-957-0485.) for other times.

Jerry, now a Redmond "old timer," has a fascinating background.  His father immigrated from Germany on a "tall ship" and settled in Seattle into a marriage of 66 years.  Jerry moved to Redmond 50-years ago to run "One Hour Martinizing."  At the time, the city had one stoplight and no more were needed. Most of Redmond was trees and open space.   

I first met Jerry at a Redmond Kiwanis Club meeting a few months ago.  He's an amazing community-minded guy.   Only by persistent questioning did he reveal his community service credentials:  In years past, Jerry was Vice-President of the Redmond Chamber, he's a charter member and JCI Senator of the Redmond Jaycees, the co-founder of Redmond Toastmasters and last year's President of Redmond Kiwanis and also creator of the Redmond Bicycle Entrance sign. Several pictures of him are in Naomi Hardy's  "Redmond Reflections, from settlers to software."

Everybody enjoys his ready smile and custom service from several past Redmond dry 
cleaners. Crumpled clothes to clean or not, you must say Hi!

Bob Yoder
edited by Jerry

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Bob Yoder said...

When I visited Jerry he showed me a couple of Doris Colvin's numbered sketches....the "railroad station" and "blacksmith." I'm not sure if they're for sale.

Doris owned the first art gallery in Redmond. It was located in the Redmond Shopping Center near where Ben Franklin is now. I think the Redmond Historical Society has some of her art