Thursday, March 9, 2017

Council Appoints Tanika Padhye To Fill Vacancy

New Councilmember Tanika Padhye
Tanika Padhye is appointed to Redmond City Council  Credit/COR
Redmond City Council appointed Tanika Padhye yesterday to fill the vacancy in Council Position 4. She was sworn in immediately and was seated as a City Councilmember,
Padhye has lived in Redmond for 13 years and has served on both the City of Redmond’s Planning and Parks and Trails Commission. She has been a member of the Community Centers Stakeholder group and contributed to updates on the PARCC Plan and projects including Redmond Central Connector (Phase II) and the Downtown Park. She is a licensed attorney in the State of Washington, with legal expertise ranging from work as a Civil Rights Investigator to cases dealing with employment and housing discrimination.
“I feel strongly about connecting with Redmond residents because it creates a healthier government that is a reflection of the people it represents,” said Padhye.
“I have complete confidence in Councilmember Padhye’s ability to serve the people of Redmond, and I look forward to working with her as a new Council colleague. Her years as a resident of Redmond and experiences as a Commissioner on the Planning and most recently the Parks and Trails Commissions have prepared her for this role,” stated Council President Hank Margeson.
Councilmember Padhye will serve in this appointed capacity until November 2017. After King County Elections certifies the November General Election results which will include the election for Position 4, the winner of the General Election for the Position will take office. 

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