Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Updated: Lake Washington School District seeks new board member

l-r  Mark Stuart (legislative rep,) Siri Bliesner (V.P.) Nancy Bernard, Christopher Carlson, Phd. (President)
Serving on the school board: An informational meeting

Lake Washington School District board member leads session for those interested in learning more
Redmond, Wash. – Have you ever considered serving on your local school board? As elected officials, school boards provide a vital link between their communities and public schools. Their governance role is about the “big picture.” They set school district direction and allocate resources. They monitor performance and hold the district accountable for progress.

Nancy Bernard, a member of the Lake Washington School District Board of Directors, will lead an informational meeting for those interested in learning more about Board service and the process of running for school board. She will provide information on the role of the school board and what it is like to serve in Lake Washington. She will also cover the basic information about running for school board.

Ms. Bernard’s term ends in November 2017. Ms. Bernard, who has served on the board since 1997, has announced that this term will be her last and she will not run again. She lives in District Three.(Kamiakan region, unincorporated.)  Board members must live in their director district but represent the district as a whole. Prospective candidates who live in Director District Three are especially encouraged to attend.

Mark Stuart's term also ends November, 2017.  Mr. Stuart has served on the Board since 2016.. As yet, he hasn't said if he'll run again, but it's probable. I'm in full support of Mr. Stuart. Mark lives in District Four -- Evergreen Region (Evergreen MS/Eastlake/Alcott) -- and like Ms.Bernard represents the District as a whole. 

Candidates for school board file with King County Elections and there is no filing fee. Candidate filing for the August primary may be submitted by mail between May 1 and 19. Online filing takes place between May 15 and 19. More information is available on the King County Elections website Running for Office page.

School Board Service Informational Meeting
Monday, February 277-8 p.m.
Bob Hughes Room
Lake Washington School District Resource Center
16250 NE 74th St., Redmond


Jackie said...

The other seat that will also be on the ballot is Mark Stuart's. He is in the Sammamish/E Redmond area.

Bob Yoder said...

Thank you, Jackie! I'll edit this post,