Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Updated: Kim Allen's last council meeting -- eleven remarkable years of public service

Ms. Kim Allen's last Council meeting, retiring after 11 years of service.

I best remember Kim when she was on the Ive's Planning Commission deliberating the Critical Areas Ordinance Update.  Lately, Kim's been heavily involved in regional transportation and growth issues, but I'll always remember her as a spokesperson for the environment -- our trees, streams, wetlands and open spaces.

Kim was the only councilmember voting against waiving the long standing 35% tree retention ordinance for the massive Group Health - Overlake project.

Quite a few of my stories and reports about Kim are tagged here. and more will be added as I find them. (I'm editing them for accuracy, spelling, grammar, formatting,and sentence structure.)

It's been a helluva run.  Thanks for all you've done for us Kim.


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