Saturday, January 7, 2017

Iconic Frankies on it's death bed

Pam in front of iconic Frankies restaurant on 166th and Redmond Way last month.  This place is the heart-throb of our city...right up there with REI.  It rests on a strip mall which will be removed to build the "Anderson Park Hotel."  The hotel will create a "cave effect" on 166th once two 6-story apartment box buildings are built across the street.

Bob Yoder
photo by

Anderson Park Hotel

Address:  16630 Redmond Way
Project Types and Numbers: Site Plan Entitlement LAND-2016-00238 
Vicinity MapNotice of Application;  Process Flow Chart 

Initial Submittal 
Site Plan 
Tree Preservation Plan 

Additional Project Notices SEPA-2016-01948Parking AnalysisStormwaterTraffic Study


Doreen Blanding said...

I hate seeing the death of Redmond. It isn't a city I'm proud to call home anymore. No place to park. And the high rents (and new min wage hike) just drove small town teen jobs out!

Anonymous said...

That restaurant was a lot of hard work for the entrepreneurial Frankie's family and it was a busy, successful enterprise with good food enjoyed by many Redmond Families. It was a unique place with a unique and tasty experience that can't be easily mass reproduced anywhere. The fact that our city let it get (literally) steamrollered over for apartments is telling of our cities priorities. Maybe people want to make Redmond into the Death Star of the Evil Enterprise? That's what's happening. Folks.