Tuesday, January 17, 2017

City Council to choose Vice President

David Carson
David Carson
Opinion:  Ms. Kim Allen is Council Vice President; after over a decade of  dedicated service she's retiring January 31st.  My wish is Council will choose David Carson as Council V.P. (Providing he wants the job.) Not only does David have tenure (10 years,) he's in it because he loves our community. Mr. Stilin, in my opinion, is groping for the office to build his resume for better things. A "Driver" social style type, his primary asset is "controlling."  At times, he's autocratic.  Mr. Stilin works very hard for the City, he's smart  and savvy.  I just prefer a more friendly, approachable and passionate person like David. He's a big advocate for us.   

Bob Yoder
Mr. Hank Margeson is Council President and a good guy too.

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