Monday, December 19, 2016

UPDATED 1/7/17: Steve Fields to run for City Council

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Steve Fields
Steve Fields intends to run for one of two Redmond city council seats opening next year.  Councilmembers Byron Shutz's, John Stilin's terms end December 31, 2017. When I saw Steve last Friday at his coffee shop, he didn't say who he'd be challenging.
As you know, Steve ran for mayor last year; he lost by 871 votes after only six months of campaigning.  One of my blog readers was disgusted that out of Redmond's 28,000 registered voters less than 10,000 bothered to vote.  

You can find Steve at his coffee bar at noon most days. Down pour is located at 13200 Old Redmond Road.


Anonymous said...

In the November 3, 2015 election, Steve Fields got 4,567 votes and John Marchione got 5,384 votes. Altogether, fewer than 10,000 people in Redmond even bothered to vote (out of only 28,000 registered voters.)

It's hard to get excited about Redmond anymore with the crazy traffic jams and with so few shopping options. I'm leaving as soon as I get the chance....

Bob Yoder said...

Thanks Anony for the election result information. I just drove down 166th and saw two more massive developments underway; tree chopping, bulldozers, etc. Having lived here 36 years it's so depressing, though I know the newbies are elated they have more housing choices and opportunities. We plan to scurry out of here in 2-5 years. The sooner the better.

Janet Schmitt said...

As far as I know, Downpour is a coffee shop, not a bar.

While it's perfectly understandable to want to move away due to bad traffic and congestion, I want to stay in Redmond a while longer, and when you hear Mayor Marchione speak about the number of people who are expected to move into the Puget Sound area, one has to be realistic and expect a few changes.

We need leadership that is willing to tackle the problems head on and find sensible solutions, rather than simply "wishing away" all of the growth.

Bob Yoder said...

Very good point, Janet. I totally agree. But, I hope it's still not too late to write aesthetic standards. We have too many "box" style buildings, with flat roofs and little brick or brick-like materials.