Friday, December 2, 2016

"Public Works Art" is all over the downtown and neighborhoods - with much more to come

1% of  expenditures for new city sidewalks, bridges, parking lots, the downtown corridor and other Public Works construction projects are allocated for art installations. That's right!  1% goes to art!  "Public Works art" is in our downtown and in our neighborhoods -- big and small.  This heron was found on a sidewalk near the Leary Way bridge. Salmon artwork is under the 90th Street Bridge. This "brass leaf" art on a traffic-calming sidewalk is only a few steps from where I live.  A lot of the smaller "street art" was installed during the Ive's administration. The large "Icicle" art in from the City Hall was Ive's.  Marchione's public works art is a huge undertaking. It includes the ERRATIC, SIGNALS, and the SKY PAINTING parking lot. Of great significance, Public Works art is planned for the Cultural Corridor build-out of the couplet conversion and probably the Downtown Park. Wouldn't it be nice to know what they're planning for art there so we could give the planners some input?

Bob Yoder
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How can we have a say in what public art the city chooses?    e-mail Art's Administrative Manager Ms. Rubenacker at 

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