Thursday, December 8, 2016

UPDATED 12/28: Moving forward

Bob, Lexie and Pam
I'm a 36-year resident of Redmond and, like some, have seen drastic changes in our "town" during the 11 years I've been writing this blog. Early on, I devoted much of my time as an activist, scrutinizing and reporting to make our local governments more transaprent- this, at great expense to my family and work life.  For years I forced myself into the mold of a citizen-journalist - much due to a news partnership with the Seattle Times. I was directed not to advocate, sucking out my passion. It wasn't until last year when I advocated for the school bond that I took real ownership of "Bob's Blog" -- and felt the liberation and joy of being a greater part of our community.

With the advent of facebook groups my blog is pivoting to find a new niche, or it may just fade away. I'm using 8 facebook groups to distribute my stories. Starting this New Year I'll still be pasting local news releases but spending more energy on fewer general interest stories and reports.  I'm still watching city council meetings on a regular basis and ill be attending their meetings. With the exception of Mr. Myers, Ms. Birney, Mr. Carson, and Mr. Shutz I find council of little interest to our neighborhoods.

I've got some fun and challenging, investigative reports planned for the New Year. They will take quite some time to write and I'm in no rush.  A few topics percolating right now are:

1)  an historical  accounting and report on the development of  "Hawks Glenn," the last significant agricultural land remaining in Redmond.
2)  a story on recent, inadvertent loss of two magnificent Landmark trees on a small parcel.
3)  a report on tree removal procedures from large parcels.
4)  a report and opinion on the Chinese nationals impact to our community.
5)  a report on access to psychiatric beds at EvergreenHealth and other eastside health facilities.  .
6)  video reporting of the downtown construction chaos.
7)  my opinion of .the city council

Redmond Neighborhood Blog is all fun and good but my family, friends, and outside activities take precedence. That includes finding part-time work of interest, managing my health and of course, hiking Redmond's network of trails!


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