Monday, December 26, 2016

Home Ownership and Government - interview with John Marchione

In 2016, two joyful John L. Scott agents interview John Marchione about local real estate.

Little did they know, their office will be torn down to build another 6-story apartment box.

3:25  "Quality of life" - "Gorgeous changes in Redmond since you've been Mayor." - "Quality of life attracts big business and high tech businesses to the area....oh, and families."  "27% of households have kids."

3:30  "Housing market is hot because 59,000 people live here while there are 83000 jobs and people want to live close to their jobs.  Redmond is zoned for 10,000 additional housing units in the next 10 years.  25,000 units now."

8:22 - "Making Redmond a place to live you're entire life."  hmm

"Many housing choices for empty nesters looking to downsize to condos (but right now they're all apartments,) Young adults needing an affordable place to live."  hmm.  (The Cleveland building is the only box building in the Downtown devoted to condos.)

4:25 Developers are required to allocate 10% of their units as affordable but they get a "density bonus so they can build more"  "Create a market for people of all income ranges."  hmm

13:30 - "buy a house and walk to your office"  Really?

Bob Yoder, opinion


Gary P. Chimes, MD, PhD said...

I don't have context on the % with kids. Is 27% of families having kids a high number or a small number?

Bob Yoder said...

Hi Dr. Chimes,

Good point, I had the same question. You might contact the Mayor at or mayor OR Kathryn Reith, Comm. Dir. at LWSD. kreith@lwsd. To me the number sounds quite high, especially with all the apartments going in. Over the next 5 years or so I would the think the % would be smaller.