Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Vandalism at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound, Redmond

LETTER:  As you may have heard, the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) has been vandalized at least twice in the last week.  This sort of activity has happened before in Seattle and other places, and the community stood up to assist.  Typically these acts are temporary and are the result of incidents in the news or thugs feeling emboldened by perceived political permission.  I hope the need of our neighbors is temporary, but I would like to assist in making a community statement through helpful action.
There are two steps that may assist, and I will contact the mosque to see if either would be welcome.  First, we can assist in repairing damage.  That may require carpentry, graffiti removal or other steps.  Second, there may be an opportunity to assist or supplement overnight patrols of the property.  This would only be done if the Redmond Police approves, but I expect that this is already being done by MAPS congregants.  To some extent this is also a symbol of community values, but I do believe the physical risk is minimal.
I welcome your responses and advice, as well as support if your feel it is appropriate.
Hank Myers

11/22 4:15 pm 

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