Sunday, September 11, 2016

UPDATED,9/23 EvergreenHealth revamps website to be more customer friendly, updates Facebook page

Al DeYoung
President, Board of Commissioners
Editor's Note:  Feedback from the Community -- including myself -- contributed significantly  to re-focusing Evergrreen's attention on customer service and their website.     

NEW "Contact Us"!

"We are always happy to hear from our patients, community and customers. Whether it's a question or a request, or you have a comment you’d like passed on to one of our staff members or to leadership, we value your insights and we will follow up on it within 48 hours."

Contact Us: EMAIL  "If you prefer, we welcome a phone call to our administrative office at 425.899.2621."

New "Wait Time Clocks" for ER's and Urgent Care Clinics!
Updated Facebook page!

New: "My Costs"!  

"Our commitment is to be your partner in health and to provide our community access to high quality health care at a great value. To help you make the best decisions about your health care, we embrace transparency. The resources offered here will provide you with a deeper understanding about your healthcare costs. You can even reach out to us to discuss your individual questions and obtain a personalized estimate for your out-of-pocket cost."

Public Board Meeting Agendas Posted!

Study Session: 4:30pm - executive sessions begins; 5:30pm public meeting begins
Board Meeting: 5pm - executive session begins; 6:30pm public meeting begins, public comment
Location:  Room Tan 250
(Located in the EvergreenHealth Surgery & Physicians Pavilion, which is adjacent to EvergreenHealth Medical Center)
Minutes from each meeting are posted after they are approved at the next month's meeting.  
Jan. 05 - Study Session
Jan. 19 - Board Meeting
Feb. 02 - Study Session
Feb. 12 - Educational
Feb. 16 - Board Meeting
Mar. 01 - Study Session
Mar. 15 - Board Meeting
Apr. 05 - Study Session
Apr. 08 - Educational
Apr. 19 - Board Meeting
May 03 - Study Session
May 12-13 - Leadership Retreat
May 17 - Board Meeting 
June 07 - Study Session
June 10 - Educational
June 21 - Board Meeting
July 05 - Study Session
July 08 - Educational
July 19 - Board Meeting
Aug. 02 - Study Session 
Aug. 16 - Board Meeting [Agenda]
Sep. 06 - Study Session [Agenda]
Sep. 09 - Educational
Sep. 20 - Board Meeting
Oct. 04 - Study Session
Oct. 14 - Educational
Oct. 18 - Board Meeting
Nov. 01 - Study Session
Nov. 11 - Budget Hearing
Nov. 15 - Board Meeting
Dec. 06 - Study Session
Dec. 09 - Educational
Dec. 20 - Board Meeting

"And, we believe in transparency – sharing our results with you, so that you can make an informed choice about you and your family’s care. This transparency includes sharing our internal data and measurements.....


Prepared by Bob Yoder


Bob Yoder said...
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Bob Yoder said...

Believe it or not, revamping the website involved much COMMUNITY: feedback, prodding, research into the "Open Public Meetings Act," and not-so-good family Emergency Department and Urgent Care experiences.