Friday, August 26, 2016

Valderrama is an exceptional candidate

Updated:  Ramiro Valderrama is an exceptionally strong advocate for the people and I urge you to support him in his run against Roger Goodman for the 45th Legislative District.  Valderrama's powerful advocacy for the mentally ill, environment, education and property rights are probably key reasons the non-partisan Municipal League rated him  “Outstanding!” 
As Deputy Mayor of the City of Sammamish, Valderrama was two years ahead of his peers on council in fighting King County’s removal of trees during construction of the Sammamish Trail.  Early on, Ramiro had to take on the council majority to save the trees and protect property rights along the Trail.  He won his second election by 83%.
Valderrama is a strong advocate for the mentally ill.  He participated this year in the “National Alliance for the Mentally Ill” awareness campaign held in Kirkland.  He's been selected by a mental health organization that supports candidates who are committed to improving access to ethical mental health treatment.  The organization is supported by seven mental health groups and about 2500 clinicians.
And he isn't too excited about ST3.  The $54B sound transit package would raise taxes by over $1000 on a $700k house when including sales tax, car tabs and existing ST1 and ST2 taxes.  ST3 also reduces bus service, and Eastside residents would pay a proportionally heavier cost.  He calls the measure "taxation without transportation." 
Ramiro’s four children attended Lake Washington School District and he’s presently a STEM school advisor for the district. To fully fund education we need 4.5 Billion.  And, some lawmakers want to spend 54B on light rails?
Bob Yoder

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