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Council passes the "Bear Creek Parkway Extension"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is an edited 2008 report, and video on the Bear Creek Parkway Extension. In the video I said the extension would improve aesthetics. Wrong!  B.Y. 2016.

Council passes the Bear Creek Parkway Extension construction project

The July 15, 2008 Council conversations on the $23 million "Bear Creek Parkway Extension" project were interesting, yet challenging to follow. I had to contact the City Clerk to confirm the final 4-2 vote FOR the project.
All councilmembers (Mr. Pat Vache' was absent) wanted the construction project approved, but two councilmembers Kim Allen & Richard Cole were seriously upset with the proposed alignment. In the beginning Councilman David Carson went along with Mr. Cole's original stance against the project. By the end of the debate only Carson and Allen voted against the project. Cole reluctantly voted for it.  Read More >>
Allen, Cole and Carson were disappointed with the road route and the trees that would have to be removed from the Saturday Market and Heron Rookery. (According to Planner Cathy Beam the herons have been scared away by crows and eagles and their nests weren't active). Most councilmembers considered the route more costly than two other two options. Councilmember Nancy McCormick firmly stated the city would be in total gridlock without the extension and urged council to make a decision.   
Mayor John Marchione shared his opinion after the vote:
"Regarding the Bear Creek Parkway route decision, it was made more than
two years ago.
 You can see that a few trees to the north of
the rookery and a few to the west of the Saturday Market are removed. The
option that was not selected was cutting through the open space to the west
of RTC.  In my judgment, this route damaged wetlands, reduced wildlife habitat and produced less traffic improvement. Reasonable people can disagree which route was better. Either way, it was a tough choice for Council, but it is time to move on."  Read More >>
The city will have to plant new trees to replace those removed. When completed, the new extension will feature a street connection from Redmond Way through Leary Way to Redmond Town Center. This project is the first of several City projects to enhance transit, vehicle, pedestrian, bicycle movement in downtown Redmond. The project also includes the first segment of the new downtown sewer and an upgrade to the Leary Way storm treatment pond.  Click this link for the city's 2008 "Final Drainage Report."   It includes a brief description of the route.

The total $23M road extension and stormwater package will be funded from Capital Improvement Project (CIP) funds. Every year 5% of our General Operating Fund transfers to the Capital Improvement fund. I recall Mr. Marchione (as councilman) recommending borrowing, as a tool available to fund the Extension & other big projects since costs would be spread out to future generations of users.

Bob Yoder

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