Monday, May 9, 2016

The city honors Redmond Historical Society legend, names the downtown clock tower "The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower"

<p>The Redmond clock tower has been named after local history advocate Naomi Hardy. <em>Andy Nystrom, Redmond Reporter</em></p> -
The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower - Credit Redmond Reporter
Redmond, WA – The clock tower and kiosk that anchors Redmond’s Historic Core along Leary Way now has a name honoring local history advocate, Naomi Hardy. The Redmond Historical Society, and long-timers who knew Redmond when it had just one traffic light will honor her on Saturday, May 21, 2016, at 10:30 am. 

“Naomi Hardy was tireless in her dedication to Redmond’s history. She understood the impact of preserving historic places and stories,” said Mayor John Marchione. “Through the formation of the Redmond Historical Society, she ensured a long-lasting celebration of our local history.” 

“The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower” will be dedicated by Mayor John Marchione as a tribute to the founding force behind the Redmond Historical Society. Naomi Hardy was determined to research and share Redmond’s history. She began by gathering a few other local history buffs in 1999 and then seeing the society flourish to one with more than 140 members in just a decade. 

"No one had a bigger impact on the development of the Redmond Historical Society than co-founder Naomi Hardy," says Society President Joe Townsend. “Naomi loved to say ‘History is happening in Redmond.’ Naming the tower after her makes Naomi a larger part of that history.” 

Hardy passed away in 2012 but her legacy includes having done all the research for the heritage kiosk that’s part of the clock tower, as well as writing the first walking tour for the historic core. She also wrote the Society’s book “Redmond Reflections” and amassed hundreds of names for a historical “Who’s Who of Redmond.” 

A plaque and sign in Hardy’s honor let passers-by know that one person can make a significant difference in their community. For Hardy, it was sharing Redmond’s history so that long-time residents would feel treasured and transplants would learn about Redmond’s roots—each having that knowledge in common with their new neighbors. 

To learn more about Hardy and the Redmond Historical Society, The Naomi Hardy Clock Tower is at O'Leary Park, on the corner of Leary Way and Redmond Way. Street parking is available in the immediate area. 

For questions and more information, contact Mary Hanson, Senior Vice President, at or 425-885-2919; or Kim Dietz, Senior Planner, at or 425-556-2415.

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