Friday, March 11, 2016

25% of Redmond residents are non-citizens and can't vote on the Bond Measure

Vote ‘yes’ — Supporting the school district bond | Letters to Redmond Reporter

• I’m a Lake Washington School District (LWSD) parent, and I’m supporting the school district bond that will come before voters on April 26.
For the bond to pass it requires a minimum of 40 percent registered voters who cast ballots in the last general election to vote, and a 60 percent “yes” vote.
As a permanent resident awaiting citizenship, I pay residential taxes for local government services, but I am unable to vote. As I look at the demographics in our rapidly growing school district today, I believe a significant proportion of the LWSD parents are in this same situation (about 25 percent population in Redmond are non-citizens).
In light of this, for a successful bond, we need every eligible voter who supports the bond, to cast a ballot and vote “yes.” Because if you assume the 60 percent “yes” vote will be attained from school parent volunteers, who understand the need for the bond incontrovertibly, you may be miscalculating, because a large percentage of us can’t vote.
Please vote “yes” for our children and schools.
Alice O’Brien

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