Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get ready for strong winds Thursday


The Puget Sound Region is expecting a significant wind storm to impact our area for several hours Thursday, December 11, beginning late afternoon or early evening. Wind gusts could reach 75 mph. Potential impacts include landslides, downed trees and power lines, and widespread power outages. There are specific things you can do now to prepare your home and family:
Prepare for Wind Storm
  • Learn what your child’s school and daycare policies and procedures are for possible early release and facility closures.
  • Fuel up your vehicle and allow extra commute time home from work or school.
  • Locate flashlights, radio, and extra batteries should you experience a power outage at home.
  • Plan pre-cooked meals for your family that don’t require a stove-top, microwave, or oven to prepare.
  • Make sure pets have appropriate shelter to stay warm and safe from falling debris.
  • Ask your employer how you will be notified if power outages impact your worksite.
  • Visit the Public Health website for information on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Stay informed by monitoring local media channels, registering for public alerts at, and checking King County’s emergency news at
  • Get more tips, utility contacts, and preparedness checklists at Take Winter by Storm.

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Anonymous said...

Had some strong winds and flickering lights last night, but no loss of power here on the Hill.
So thankful we didn't have a repeat of 2006.