Sunday, July 20, 2014

The location of the Redmond Saturday Market is threatened - Public speaks up

Owners of the Redmond Town Center, JHS, want to move the Saturday Market from it's present location on Leary to Center Court and the public was up in arms about it at last Tuesday's Council Meeting.  City Hall was packed with Saturday Market supporters.  The VP of the market asked Council to codify the market's location as an historic city Icon OR give options to relocate it to: 1) the parking lot on Art Hill, 2) the Senior Center parking lot, or the 3) Leary parking lot.  He said without options they cannot negotiate with JHS and are at their mercy.  The VP presented over 2,000 signatures petitioning the termination of the 2015 lease with JHS.  Ex Mayor Rosemary Ives, and urban planner from Kirkland, and three others spoke up during Items from the Audience to preserve the Saturday Market location. 

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