Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ashford Trail has been enhanced with hundreds of new trees and shrubs

If you haven't walked down Redmond's Ashford Trail yet you'll be amazed to see hundreds of new small trees and shrubs planted along it.   The plantings are part of Group Health Hospital's off-site restoration mitigation project. They did a great job on this project. It will one day provide shade for the trail and riparian habitat of the Hartman wetlands.

The Ashford Trail, the trail begins at the Redmond Bike Park on the terminus of NE 100 Street. It's wooded running east to a large, beautiful forested wetland adjacent to Perrigo Creek. Hikers occasionally see large owls here.  The "Hartman wetlands" are occasionally studied by students. Portions of the trail here are used by cross country teams. A network of  "Hartman Trails" to the north start just before you go downhill.

Enjoy your hike down this mixed forested trail to Perrigo Springs. The trail then briefly enters a road lined with apartments and condos named "Ashford."   Soon to the north, the trail continues through a peaceful green band between Perrigo Creek and apartments. The trail ends at Avondale Road and 180th.

It's hard to believe Ashford Trail is so close to the Education Hill neighborhood. The trail-head is less than a quarter mile from my house. I walk it often for exercise, to relax, find peace and think.

Bob Yoder  

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