Friday, December 20, 2013

Letter: Olympic and World Championship rowing medals stolen in Kirkland burglary

Hi Bob,

Do you think you could run something about my cousin's wife's Olympic and World Championship medals being stolen in your blog?

My cousin's Kirkland house was broken into and ransacked.  The police said there is an uptick in home burglaries during the holidays.  The burglars probably knocked on the front door realized no one was home and entered through the back door.  They were very quick, searching for, and taking jewelry and cash.  They left behind all the big items.

Unfortunately they also took my cousin's wife Olympic and World  Championship rowing medals and watches.   My cousin's wife is Betsy McCagg Hills, you may have seen her recently on both KOMO and KIRO.  The thieves took over two dozen medals representing decades of hard work, dedication, tears and joy.    The watches were from the Atlanta, Barcelona and Sydney Olympics.  None of them are very valuable except to her.  She is worried the thieves may discard them once they realize they are not valuable.   She is asking for anyone who may happen to find the box of medals to return them to any police department.  I am trying to get the word out in case anyone happens to hear of any of the medals being seen.

If you could please forward this it would be greatly appreciated.

I hope you have a wonderful, safe and joyous holiday!


Barb Lau 

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