Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter: A solution to the backup traffic at Redmond Junior High

Andy Raffman said...
With regard to the traffic backup at RJH, at least some of the traffic issues in the morning could be alleviated by appropriate signage in the Northern dropoff. There are two lanes: a pull through lane on the left, and a drop off lane on the right. Everyday I see cars sitting in the dropoff lane (after they've dropped off their kids) waiting to exit the school. This creates a backup all the way back to the entrance and onto the street. If people would just drop off their kids and then pull into the pull-through lane to exit, there would be plenty of space and no backup.

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Anonymous said...

Valid point, though there are numerous prominent signs along the drop-off lane.

It would help greatly if drivers would pull forward before stopping, BEYOND the 90-degree turn, rather than stopping at the prime spot.

I wonder if staff/police/volunteers were to explain this for a few days, would it help long-term, or just for a few more days.