Sunday, February 10, 2013

A downtown art plan idea

Perhaps the Arts Commission can include this building into their "Downtown Art Plan."   It's located at the gateway of Cleveland St. just as you turn off of Leary.  The flat cinder block wall could be an excellent canvass for a themed mural to tie into the surrounding historic buildings.   What do you think? 

By Bob and Pam Yoder
Photo by Yoder 


Paige Norman said...

I was just thinking as I drove through and around Redmond the other day how much it has changed in the 20-plus years I've lived here. The historic buildings are pretty much a thing of the past -- they have been torn down or remodeled until the view is nothing but several-story residences and parks.

I miss the old Redmond and the old buildings. I'll bet this building will be torn down soon and replaced with something less historic and more in line with the "futurescape" of Redmond.

That being said, this particular "building" is one of the ugliest reminders of the old feed store in town. Maybe painting it up would improve it's looks...

Janet Zweig said...


This building is already in the Art Plan as a suggested site. But redmond needs to get the approval of the owner. Do you have any contact with the owner? We would greatly appreciate your help in getting permission for some temporary artwork at this site! Pease email me with suggestions - I am an outside consultant helping draft the plan:

janetzweig at gmail dot com

Bob Yoder said...

The OneRedmond/Chamber of Commerce would probably know who owns this building. Planner Richard Lee could probably dig up the owner.