Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Redmond Council approves $200,000 funding for "OneRedmond"

As part of the 2013-14 budget, the City Council approved funds for economic and community development through participation in OneRedmond. OneRedmond is the newly formed public-private partnership for the Redmond community. It was formed by bringing together the former Redmond Economic Development Alliance, Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, and Realize Redmond into a single organization with a common vision, mission, and purpose. OneRedmond is commined to increasing the
number of high wage jobs, cultivating partnerships between business and education, and
implementing entrepreneur and small business growth programs to drive consistent economic expansion and continuous community enhancement in Redmond.

When National Community Development Services was hired in 2011 to perform an assessment of the viability and fund raising strength or OneRedmond as a concept, their report highlighted the strength of the OneRedmond model for economic and community development. Through a series of stakeholder meetings, along with candid and considered input from business and community leaders, four key initiative areas were identified as key priorities for OneRedmond. These are: 

I . Business Retention and Expansion: This includes development and implementation of a formal business retention and expansion program that includes building strategic business partnerships and increasing opportunities for growth within Redmond's business clusters, a myriad of small business services. and a Government Affairs function that fosters bridges between large and small businesses and government.

2. Business Attraction and Recruitment: This entails a program that includes site selector relationships, a web site that differentiates Redmond, and targeted recruiting missions to enhance local industry clusters.

3. Community Building: Priorities include development of partnerships between businesses and educational institutions, establishing of marquee business and cultural events, and promoting the arts and science.
4. Investor Relations: Key focal points include creating transparent and involved engagement of community stakeholders, including creating leadership level advisory groups for business clusters, pipeline project reports, and business visitation/red carpet teams.

These initiatives are supportive of and are integral to the City realizing its vision of two vibrant urban centers, diversity of choices, a vibrant economy, and connected community. As OneRedmond focuses on implementing its economic and community development strategy, the $200,000 ($100,000/ycar) from the Planning and Community Development Department's OneRedmond budget offer would be distributed to support OneRedmond strategic economic development and community development initiatives.
- Text is sourced from Redmond City Council Agenda, 1/8/13

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