Friday, January 11, 2013

Lake Washington Institute of Technology receives $10,000 grant for emergency operations center

LWIT Receives $10,000 Puget Sound Energy Foundation Grant

Kirkland, Wash.: Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT) recently received $10,000 from Puget Sound Energy Foundation to support the development of an emergency operations center (EOC) for the College. An EOC works as a centralized communications command post for police, fire, campus security and any other agency involved in a campus-wide emergency such as a fire, hostage situation, shooting, gas leak, or other life-threatening situation.

“We’re excited to develop a fully-functional EOC thanks to this generous grant,” said Patrick Sturgill, LWIT manager of safety and security. “We’ll now be able to effectively manage an emergency response, coordinating with local first responders like police and fire to increase the value and speed of response. While it’s mainly a service for our campus, our EOC will be available for local agencies to utilize in our immediate neighborhood if needed. ”   Read More >>

With the funding, LWIT’s security department will purchase a base radio, dedicated hand-held radios, a generator capable of operating emergency communications equipment, lighting for a communications center, and a locking portable equipment cart that can secure all vital emergency operation center (EOC) equipment and allow for set up of an EOC anywhere on campus. The funds will also cover the installation of a radio repeater that will assure communications are uninterrupted across campus.

“We are pleased to award this grant to LWIT, which is consistent with our priorities of 2012 to support public safety and emergency preparedness,” said Jason Van Nort, government and community relations manager at Puget Sound Energy.

The College plans to have the equipment in place by the end of January.

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