Wednesday, November 14, 2012

EvergreenHealth Board of Commissioners approve a 1% Regular Property Levy Increase

EvergreenHealth King County Hospital District #2
This post corrects an earlier report that there would be no increase in the EvergreenHealth King County District #2 Regular Property Levy.  Rather, a 1% increase was approved.

On November 19th the Evergreen Health Board of Commissioners approved a 1% increase ($154,982) in the Regular Property Levy totalling $15,822,629.  The total King County Hospital District No 2  increase was 2.1% counting:  1) property tax revenue (1%), 2) amounts from construction, 3) improvements to property, and 4) increase in value of state-assessed property. 

Allocations in the Regular Property Levy increased to 30.76% for Community Health and Wellness in alignment with a reduction to 69.24% for Debt Retirement.   Over $500,000 was allocated to community health senior clinics and Monitor screening and education programs.  A 24/7 Nurse line and physician referral Healthline network receives levy funding as do "access teams." 

The EvergreenHealth Hospital Board of Commissioners meet four times per year in study sessions to review the levy as guided by a Levy Standing Committee.  They hold a summary Levy Study session two weeks prior to the Budget Educational Meeting and Budget Hearing (usually held the 2nd Friday of November.)

The Budget Hearing is a good time to give input on community allocations of the levy.  There appears a need in the community for more widespread training of Hands-Only CPR which EvergreenHealth could offer.   Submit your ideas to

Reported by Bob Yoder

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