Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Car prowlers steal victim's vehicle registrations then rob their homes

Lt. Gorman of the Redmond Police Department wants the public to be aware of a series of motor vehicle prowls and burglary incidents that have occurred in Redmond and other east side locations over the past few weeks.

There have been three reported incidents to the Redmond Police Department thus far and the Redmond Police are aware of more in neighboring jurisdictions.

The crime starts when a victim’s vehicle is broken into while it is parked unattended in a parking lot of a public place like a move theater or restaurant and the vehicle registration and other valuables are taken. The victim’s residence is then burglarized a short time later while the victim is still unaware of the vehicle prowl.  The suspect(s) are probably using the vehicle registration as a way to get the victim’s home address r to burglarize it.


Anonymous said...

I have seen that the police recommend drivers keep the registration and proof of insurance "on your person" but this seems a completely unacceptable solution! It will lead to traffic stops with the paperwork not in the vehicle because it is in the spouse's purse, forgotten at home, or lost.
Seems time to take the address off of both of these documents (Safeco tells me they are required by law to print it on their ID cards, is that true?) Can't the police track the address from the VIN?

Bob Yoder said...

ou agree with you Anony1. If I had four kids driving three cars they'd each have to copy 3 reg. and carry them in their satchel. Then, if a friend drove one of the cars and got pulled over they'd be fined. I think the cops are stretching it on this one. You'e be better off hiding the reg. in an envelope somewhere in the car other than the glove compart.