Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brown's Garage Liquor License auctioned for $281,660

Bidder wins state liquor license for historic Brown's Garage
 According to Washington State Liquor Control Board records, Jeffrey Roh won the state auction for and rights to the downtown Redmond liquor store license, located at 16389 Redmond Way.

Roh's winning bid was $281,660. Roh used a Milton, WA. mailing address in the auction. He was also the successful bidder for the stores at Mukilteo and Issaquah.

The store, an attractive brick building once housed a 20-car repair shop owned in the 1920's  by Redmond's Mayor Bill Brown.  Known as "Brown's Garage"  this historic landmark is protected by laws governing historic buildings.

Several small businesses active in the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce were also involved in the auction process.

Reported and Photo By Bob Yoder

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