Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recycle your computers, printers, TV's, VCR's, phones for FREE in Redmond!

City signage behind Redmond Inn
guides traffic to MITRONICS
REPUBLISHED, 4/5.  It's amazing how old, unused electronic stuff can accumulate. It  takes up space and needs to go!  But where?   I found three recycling services in greater Redmond that will recycle electronics for free, and one from your curb!

Waste Management takes TV's up to 21 inches, monitors, and computers right from the curb!  You must call them for a free curbside pick-up appointment.  800-592-9995.  They also pick up microwaves, PDA's, cell phones, and VCR/DVD's at the curb!

Mitronics of Redmond recycles all sizes of TV's, laptops, desktops,and monitors for free.  No curbside pick-up.  They erase your disc drive for free, too!   They take keyboards and mice with a computer and charge $5.00 for small printers and $1.00 for phones.  Drop off at:  17455 NE 67th Court, in the business park adjacent east Marymoor Park.  Look for the city way-finding signs.  Phone:  425-883-8881.


Mitronics is a state registered electronics collector.   Gary Wu, the owner, says he's the only business located in Redmond that recycles electronics for free.  Gary said happily, "last year I collected 200,000 pounds. My business accounts for 4% of recycled electronics in the County."  Wu operates out of a large warehouse with a loading dock.  Gary accepts electronics from residences, nonprofits, schools, and small businesses.  He's paid by the State for the electronics he collects; and electronic manufacturers reimburse the State. 

A newcomer to Eastside electronic recycling is 1 Green Planeta nonprofit out of  Issaquah.  866-422-3755.  Drop off is Monday - Saturday, 9:30 - 7:30 pm. at 1780 NW Maple Street
Issaquah, WA.  They take electronics, appliances, ink cartridges, TV's, phones, cars and more.  They will pick-up materials for businesses. 

Outlying cities can go to: to find a nearby free electronic recycling center.  The site is run by the State Department of Ecology.  1-800-732-9253.

So why recycle electronics?   Many electronics, especially TVs and computers, contain toxic materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Reusing and recycling electronics keeps these toxic materials out of our landfills and incinerators and also recovers valuable resources.

If your equipment still works, many groups and businesses focus on making used electronics available for reuse. Click the Ecology website for more information on donating your electronics for reuse.

Opinion By Bob Yoder
Photo by Yoder


John Reinke said...

Thanks, Bob! This is very useful information.

Amber Johnson said...

I have some old electronics that I want to get rid of so I was researching how and where to do that. I didn't realize how important recycling electronics was. Keeping the toxic materials out of our landfills is very important.

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