Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UPDATED: Evergreen Hospital's tax-supported 24-hour Nurse consulting Help-Line

Evergreen Hospital's 24/7 Nurse Help-Line phone number is:  425-899-3000

"When a health concerns presents itself any time of the day or night, Evergreen's tax-supported consulting nurse service can help you determine if you need to see a doctor.  Call:  425-899-3000 (#2) 
This 24/7 consulting nurse service provides home care information and can help you determine if urgent care or emergency care is called for.
All registered nurses are with years of experience. They can help determine if your symptoms:

>Require immediate care at the emergency department or urgent care center.   
>Can wait for an appointment with your primary care physician
Can be treated at home
The 24-hour consulting nurse is provided to the community in part with support of  Evergreen Hospital district taxpayer levy monies."
Are you calling the Evergreen Nurse Help-Line now?  Do you think this free consulting nurse service is a good you use of your levy tax dollars?   Do you know that most insurance companies have their own free help line? 

Reported by Bob Yoder
Source -  Evergreen Hospital Website

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Bob Yoder said...

You need to be careful when using this line. It's possible you will be directed to an expensive Evergreen emergency room visit or Evergreen urgent care visit when all you need is a regular doctor visit.