Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Comments requested on proposal to build wildlife crossing across Novelty Hill Road

King County Road Services has applied for a federal grant to construct a transportation project entitled: “Safer Wildlife and Community Mobility through the Novelty Hill Road Corridor.”  The proposed project is to build a wildlife crossing across NE Novelty Hill Road just west of the QFC, near the Puget Sound Energy powerline corridor and the King County designated Wildlife Habitat Network.  Comments are requested!

Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC), the regional agency that processes these grants, is encouraging people to comment on all of the 25 projects proposed to receive this grant funding. (Comments recieved after the due date will still be considered). They initially received 88 competitive proposals, evaluated them, and selected 25 to recommend funding. The PSRC Executive Board will make a final decision on the funding at their Executive Board Meeting to be held October 28. PSRC is encouraging public comment on these projects and I have attached their press release announcing the comment period in the link below. Note that the first project example listed is our wildlife grant.

Our wildlife crossing project would provide safer travel for people driving as well as for many animals by constructing a wildlife crossing. Many animals (from cougar and bear to deer, coyote, and bobcat just to name a few) inhabit this area and utilize the remaining habitat in this rapidly developing area. This project would help keep the animals off the road, reducing wildlife/vehicle collisions and to reconnect habitat that is currently fragmented by NE Novelty Hill Road. By reconnecting these remaining large areas of undeveloped land, animals will be more free to safely move about and fulfill their life cycle needs. The crossing would also reconnect isolated populations, thus increasing genetic diversity.

Feel free to comment on the proposed projects and distribute this message to folks who may not be aware of the request for comments. (Comments received after October 28 will still be reviewed).

How to comment: 
By email:

By Mail:  Puget Sound Regional Council
ATTN: Kelly McGourty
1011 Western Avenue, Suite 500
Seattle, WA 98104-1035
Phone: (206) 205-1561

Submitted By Barbara Lau
RNB reader

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