Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Racquettes": coming soon to a tree near you. By John Reinke

See the two Racquettes?
I was approaching my condo unit at dusk recently after a walk along the Sammamish Slough, when I spotted some movement up ahead. It was a mother raccoon and 3 baby raccoons (are they called racquettes?).  When they spotted me through the trees, the young'uns scrambled part way up the nearest trunk. 

I quickly whipped out my trusty point-and-shoot.  The mother stood her ground as I approached to within about 10 feet. She emitted a low visceral growl, warning me not to come closer. I took the hint and backed off. 

The attached  photos show mom next to the foundation of a building, and two babies clinging to the side of a tree. The glowing eyes give them a preternatural, even demonic appearance. (Beware!)

Earlier along the slough, I was blessed to see some interesting wildlife. The first was a brown bat, that slowly flitted across the runoff pond just south of where Leary Way crosses the slough. A little later, an osprey suddenly flew by the lookout point by the Opportunity Building, clutching a large fish in its talons. The fish looked to be about 14 or 15 inches long. It briefly flew overhead in a northerly direction and then reversed course and headed south.

It just goes to show: there's a lot more wildlife action in Redmond than you might think!

John Reinke,
"Sammamish River Safari Guide"
Education Hill

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