Thursday, September 23, 2010

UPDATED: Evergreen (Public) Hospital responds to citizen requests for access.

UPDATE:  [Read the comments under this post]  Two citizens from Redmond have attended Evergreen Public Hospital Commission meetings in the last few months.  One citizen wanted to learn more about the Commissioner's role in hospital governance, specifically with regard to the decision to add a 4th level to Evergreen's Redmond Medical ER Clinic at Bella Bottega.  As you can read from the Board minutes below, I have been asking for improved public access to the Commission Meetings and Study Sessions. 

On September 17, after making several public email requests and this August 17 public comment, Laurene Burton of Evergreen sent the following message that they would publish agendas and minutes somewhere on their website within the week.       

Sept. 17, 2010
Dear Bob,

Your email is very timely as I have been working with our webmaster and plan on having meeting agendas and minutes posted by the beginning of next week. You will be one of the first to know when that has been completed.

Have a great weekend!

Laurene (H. Burton)
Administrative Director of Evergreen Hospital
Public Records Request Officer

As of 9/27, the Board web page hasn't been updated.   To find the "Commissioner Reports" from their meeting, Read More >>

Regretfully, Commissioner DeYoung's comment is truncated by the PDF image (text not available).  Chair DeYoung was talking about the health care reform information meeting held a while back at Evergreen in the early a.m.  It was open to the public.

Check out the Evergreeen Hospital Website for all their updates! 

Reported By Bob Yoder
Logo image from Evergreen website.


Bob Yoder said...

These Minutes of my Public Comment to the Evergreen Commissioners on 8/17 have significant omissions. I said "Every local government surrounding Evergreen posts Agendas and Minutes and public comment times online. (City's of Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond, Bothell, Bellevue; Public Hospitals Swedish-Stevens and Renton Public Hospitals post online, too. Renton Valley Hospital video archives their commission meetings online." I asked the Commissioners and Malte "why not Evergreen?" "What are you afraid of?" (I've been asking for online information for months now.) These omissions are even more reason to record and/or video meetings for the viewing public (and the hospital!) It is clear, public comments are filtered and Evergreen's Public Record is flawed.

Bob Yoder said...

Laurene Burton of Evergreen emailed this on 9/27 in response to my email asking why it's taken more than 10 days to update their webpage:

"This project is in process and ... I will let you know when it has been completed." 9-27-2010