Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Construction of Redmond Bike Park to begin early 2011

Carolyn Hope, Project Planner for the Redmond Bike Park says in a letter to stewards....

According to the original schedule, the City hoped to have the Redmond Bike Park under construction by now. However, we took some extra time to discuss alternatives with community members and are now completing some special studies that will help us develop a 60% design, including drainage. We plan to hold another public meeting this fall when those 60% plans are complete, then we will finalize the plans, go through City permitting, and begin construction in early 2011.

Due to this delay, the City is working with the Redmond Bike Park stewards, the Steering Committee, to provide some dirt to maintain the jumps that exist on site. Last week, the group filled in holes and improved some jumps and this week they will continue that work.

Thank you for your interest in this project.
Carolyn Hope
Project Manager, Redmond Bike Park, City of Redmond

Photo by Yoder


Janet said...

What is the location of this bike park?

Howard Frazier said...

This link has a map:

It's a little difficult to find the first time, but basically it is in the forest at the southwest corner of Hartman Park.