Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Evergreen Hospital's 2009 Annual Community Report available only Online this year

UPDATED:  Evergreen Hospital 2009 Annual Report to the Community:    CEO Robert Malte reported in their July 7 Public Meeting that their Annual Report (2009) is only available online this year as a cost saving, "green" measure. 

According to the July Minutes, "a lower-than-desired number of  'online hits' for the Report has been observed and  a card was sent out alerting constituents of the availability of the Report."  Did you get a card in the mail?

As of today, the current "Annual Report to the Community" is not found on the front page of the Evergreen Hospital website.  For your convenience, I found their current 2009 Annual Report and Strategic Plan on this Leadership page.  (upper right corner)   It's both comprehensive and user friendly.

Reported By Bob Yoder

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