Tuesday, August 3, 2010

City Council planning Downtown building heights up to eight stories. How would you know?

The Administration wants to hang this poster in City Hall to demonstrate the Downtown Urban Center plan for building height.   There wasn't a poster for the Overlake Urban Center.  Click
This Council-approved plan for the Downtown diagrams story heights between 3 - 8.  Bella Bottega is in the HL-5 district (five stories).  Heights at Overlake Urban Center go up to 13 stories.  Click.
The City of Kirkland has a large 3-D exhibit in their City Hall lobby.  It's readily noticed and easily understood.  Building heights are scaled and proportional to the topography.  Click 
The City is planning to add 23,000 new residents by 2022, according to the Mayor's 2010 Budget Workshop.  1/3 of the growth to the Downtown; 1/3 to Overlake Urban Center; and 1/3 to mostly North Redmond neighborhoods.   How do you want to be informed?
Sources:  2010 Budget By Priority March workshop / interview with Lori Peckol, city planner.
Development Guide.  20C.40.35 -020  Building Height Restrictions.
2D rendering and diagram from city documents library
City of Kirkland 3-D Exhibit photo by Yoder


Gary Lee, Senior Planner said...

With regard to a 3-D exhibit of future conceptual buildings, like the one in Kirkland, we have recently completed a 2-D drawing of a portion of Downtown, which conveys the vision for that neighborhood. That drawing can be viewed at the end of a document that is available at http://www.redmond.gov/community/pdfs/DowntownVision.pdf. This drawing provides a visual representation of the future Downtown, focusing on the Redmond Way and Cleveland Street corridors. We also have hard copies of this document available at City Hall and we are looking into installing a blowup of the drawing in City Hall to help convey the vision better, as you have suggested.

(Excerpted from a 7/2010 email from Gary Lee.)

Bob Yoder said...

Said drawing is depicted at the top of the page.