Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Sustainable Redmond" to hold booth at Derby Days; launches new website

Sustainable Redmond is hosting its first in a series of public events, beginning on July 22nd from 7-9 pm, at the Redmond Library, in Meeting Room 2. Cecile Andrews will talk about “Living Sustainably: Simpler, Slower, Smaller.” Cecile is the author of three books related to sustainability and voluntary simplicity: the recently released “Less is More”, along with “Slow is Beautiful” and “The Circle of Simplicity”.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to learn more about Sustainable Redmond - a grassroots organization focused on local sustainable actions. A group of dedicated Redmond-area citizens have been meeting since November to form Sustainable Redmond, which is part of the Sustainable Communities All Over Puget Sound (SCALLOPS) network ( Some of the current group members come from a variety of other local organizations related to sustainability, such as the Audubon Society, Redmond Parks and Trails Commission, Water Tenders, Green Redmond, Redmond Pedestrian and Bike Advisory Committee, and the Marymoor Community Garden.
Sustainability can have many different meanings, and Sustainable Redmond defines it as, “The practice of using Earth’s natural resources at a rate slower than what can be regenerated, resulting in no net loss of resources.” The group’s mission is to be a catalyst for moving Redmond’s citizens, businesses, and local government towards sustainability, through education, advocacy, and community events.

As mentioned in the April 16, 2010 Redmond Reporter, the city of Redmond is actively working in sustainability, and is launching a new Impact Redmond website. Sustainable Redmond met with Cathy Beam, the principal planner of that program for the city, in April 2010, to hear more about what the city was doing related to sustainability, and to brainstorm on how the two organizations can best collaborate.
Sustainable Redmond has interest groups focused on various aspects of sustainability, open to all. Their current list of interest groups includes:
• Food, gardening and the natural environment

• Energy efficiency and energy generation

• Alternative transportation

• Sustainability of local businesses, schools and government offices

• Measures of sustainability (water quality, greenhouse gases, waste)

• Life-style choices: buying local, consuming less, etc.

Sustainable Redmond wants to grow as a community-based organization, and is planning periodic public events related to the above topics to inspire and inform the community. The group will have a booth at Derby Days, July 10, and encourages the public to stop by and learn more about the organization. The Steering Committee for Sustainable Redmond meets monthly, on the fourth Monday of the month. The meetings are open to the public.

Visit Sustainable Redmond’s new website at  for meeting location and other information.
Organization: Sustainable Redmond
Contact: Cindy Jayne
Contact Number: 425-869-6674

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