Friday, June 25, 2010

Do you know you need a city permit to remove trees from your property?

Do you (and your neighbors) know that a city tree cutting permit is required to fell trees on your property?   Single Family Homeowners on lots < 10,000 sf are allowed to remove 2 healthy, "significant" trees per year.  A "significant" tree is defined as 6 inches to 30 inches in diameter.  In addition, diseased and/or dangerous trees may be removed with a city permit. 

A city permit is required to remove any significant tree or any tree over 30 inches.   Take a picture of the trees you want removed and map out the tree's location before heading down to the City Hall Permit Center (2nd floor).  A certified arborist should be able to help you with the permit. 

Summer is a good time to remove large, diseased trees growing dangerously close to your home.  Winter storms can easily knock down large trees.  If you confirm a neighbor is felling trees without a permit, contact the authorities.   For more information on tree-cutting visit this City of Redmond web page:

Opinion By Bob Yoder

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Janet said...

When I last got a permit for this purpose, it was free. Is this still the case?