Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Redmond PD: Increase in Education Hill Residential Burglaries

Since Thursday, Dec. 11, five residential burglaries in the Education Hill District have been reported to Redmond Police. Ranging from 8:10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., the activity occurred between the 16800 block of NE 108 Way and the 10400 block of 181st Ave. NE.

Method of entry has been through rear sliding doors, all unlocked with the exception of one case, where the suspect(s) used a rock to break through the door.

Stolen property includes jewelry, laptops, an Xbox system, handbags, silverware, cell phones, car keys, passports and credit cards. The suspect(s) appear to steal items from the lower levels of homes, then leave if residents are known to be upstairs.

Police are asking residents to be mindful of locking all doors - including  passageways for pets - and windows. Many residents have taken precautionary measures, such as the use of dowels in screen doors, motion lights, video surveillance, and decibel alarm systems, which do not require a monitoring system.

The department offers free assessments of city residents' houses for suggestions on how to make their homes less likely targets for burglars. Please contact crimeprevention@redmond.gov to arrange a meeting.

Police are following up with fraudulent charges as a result of stolen credit cards and attempting to identify suspects through recovered fingerprints.
Please report any suspicious activity to 911 as it is occurring.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Redmond Historical Society Announces New Officers for 2015-2016

Redmond Historical Society Announces New Officers for 2015-2016
Redmond, WA December 15, 2014:  Redmond Historical Society, now in its 15th year as a membership organization and community resource, announced the results of its 2014 Officer Elections. These officers will take up their new duties when the board convenes in January 2015. The board and standing committees will be working to implement the 2014–2017 plan approved in September 2014.
The new President is Joe Townsend, who has completed his sixth year on the board, including a second term as Vice President of Finance. Joe retired from Safeco Insurance Company and now operates a small business in Redmond. Senior Vice President is Mary Hanson, longtime Redmond resident and career employee of Group Health Cooperative. Mary has been a board member since 2009.
The new Vice President of Finance is Ed O’Brien, Redmond native and a member of the O’Brien Water- Ski family. O’Brien has returned to Redmond following a career as a business executive. The new Secretary is Lori Perrigo, member of the Perrigo pioneer family, and experienced in other nonprofit board work. Read more about these officers on the Society’s website. (http://www.redmondhistoricalsociety.org/RHS/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=710:voting-board-of-directors&catid=16:about-rhs&Itemid=183) 
The Society’s Vice President of Collections Management is elected in alternate years and is currently held by Gene Magnuson, Redmond native and longtime Society volunteer.
About Redmond Historical Society 
Redmond Historical Society is a volunteer-supported organization, with offices and historical displays housed in the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center. The Society receives support through grants from King County’s 4Culture program, the City of Redmond, the Bellevue Collection, Nelson Legacy Group, and Humanities Washington, as well as from other donors and members. Redmond Historical Society is known widely for its Saturday Speaker Series. Check the Society’s website for the schedule. (http://www.redmondhistoricalsociety.org/RHS/)

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nami-Eastside Educational Forum December 16

Guest: Dr. Michael Stanfill, Psychiatric Services Director
Public Health Seattle and King County
Date: Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 7 PM - 9 PM
Location: Evergreen Health Medical Center, Suite Tan 100,
12303 NE 130th Lane, Kirkland, WA 98034
Dr. Michael Stanfill is the Psychiatric Services Manager for Jail Health Services within Public Health in Seattle/King County.  Persons with mental illness are incarcerated at disproportionately increasing rates.
As a result, local jails and law enforcement are now one of the largest de facto mental health providers, both locally and nationally.
Dr. Stanfill will provide an historical overview of how we’ve gotten to this place as a society, review best practices for treating this population within the confines of correctional settings, and discuss better alternatives to strive towards moving forward as a community. This presentation will have a special focus on local practices within the King County jail system, with integration into both local and national policy movements.
Dr Michael Stanfill has his doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is trained as a clinical and forensic psychologist. He currently serves as the Psychiatric Services Manager for Jail Health Services within Public Health in Seattle/King County where he oversees and supervises the psychiatric services and release planning operations of inmates. He has also served on a variety of advisory committees and legislative workgroups helping develop and advocate for policies and legislation related to the treatment of the mentally ill, criminal justice-involved population. His work has been recognized by various third party groups, such as the Treatment Advocacy Center and the John D.and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, for his innovative treatment approaches for treating mental illness in criminal justice settings.
Please join us for our annual meeting! The meeting will be held on January 31st in the Garibaldi Room, Building B here at the Together Center Campus.  We’ll have a Meet and Greet from 9am – 9:30, will begin the meeting at 9:30 and finish by 10am.  We hope you can join us.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get ready for strong winds Thursday


The Puget Sound Region is expecting a significant wind storm to impact our area for several hours Thursday, December 11, beginning late afternoon or early evening. Wind gusts could reach 75 mph. Potential impacts include landslides, downed trees and power lines, and widespread power outages. There are specific things you can do now to prepare your home and family:
Prepare for Wind Storm
  • Learn what your child’s school and daycare policies and procedures are for possible early release and facility closures.
  • Fuel up your vehicle and allow extra commute time home from work or school.
  • Locate flashlights, radio, and extra batteries should you experience a power outage at home.
  • Plan pre-cooked meals for your family that don’t require a stove-top, microwave, or oven to prepare.
  • Make sure pets have appropriate shelter to stay warm and safe from falling debris.
  • Ask your employer how you will be notified if power outages impact your worksite.
  • Visit the Public Health website for information on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Stay informed by monitoring local media channels, registering for public alerts at www.kingcounty.gov/RPIN, and checking King County’s emergency news at www.kcemergency.com.
  • Get more tips, utility contacts, and preparedness checklists at Take Winter by Storm.

Friday, December 5, 2014

LWSD Boundary Process and Facilities Task Force Updates

Boundary process update
The first two of four public meetings on the district’s boundary change process took place on December 1 and 2. These meetings covered the scenarios under consideration for the Redmond Learning Community and Lake Washing-ton Learning Community respectively. Parents and community members who attended reviewed the different options and provided feedback through written forms. The same feedback forms are available online on the district website’s Boundary Process page. The input forms will be available through December 15. Staff members are welcome to provide input.

Input forms for the scenarios un-der consideration for the Eastlake and Juanita Learning Communities will be available online from December 15-19. The public meetings for those areas will take place for Eastlake on December 11 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Eastlake High School and on December 15 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Juanita High School. For more information, go to the Boundary page on the district website.
Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force update
The boundary process referenced above is designed to ensure the district will have space for its growing enrollment through the 2017-18 school year. You might wonder, what happens in 2018-19 and beyond? That’s where the Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force comes in. In October, the district invited parents and com-munity members to serve on this task force, which will study, analyze and make recommendations concerning the district’s long-term facilities needs. The response was tremendous—280 individuals applied to serve on the task force. A total of 63 individuals were selected, including parents from each neighborhood school as well as community members, principals, staff and students.

That group met for the first time on December 3. Dr. Traci Pierce, superintendent, welcomed the group and provided a district over-view. Board President Jackie Pendergrass thanked the task force members for their involvement. After introductions, the group re-viewed its purpose and agreed on ground rules. Deputy Superintendent Janene Fogard presented information on the district’s capital facilities needs, both for enrolment growth and aging schools. A draft plan for the engagement process was reviewed.

Task force members provided in-put on issues for consideration as they develop a recommendation. There will be an opportunity in January for staff members and the public to provide input on facilities planning needs, Task Force pro-cesses, and the scope of issues to be considered.

For more information, see the district’s Long-term facilities planning task force web page.

Source:  Focus

Thursday, December 4, 2014

City of Redmond participates in PSE's Green Power Program

The City of Redmond is participating in Puget Sound Energy's "Green Power" program and has already won a $20,000 grant in the process.  Green Power is the use of renewable energy credits to limit use of energy on the grid.  The City of Redmond is leading a competition with Issaquah and Puyallup for signing up the most residents on the Program.  If Redmond wins, Puget Sound Energy will donate a solar panel.  As part of the Green Power program the city is paying an extra $7,000 to PSE to go 100% carbon neutral using renewable energy for the City Hall building.  City Hall uses 10% of all the energy in the City. 

Reported By Bob Yoder

LETTER: Package thieves on the prowl in neighborhoods

LETTER:  I thought this would be helpful to share with neighbors.  A couple of neighbors in my neighborhood saw a dark blue van with a FedEx Ground sign taped to the window yesterday.  FedEx was called and said they do not lisence vans. 

It pulled up in driveways and someone many have left the vehickle to explore a box left on a porch...I'm guessing package thieves.  Police were notified.There were tow reports by tow different people in neighboring communities -- Salish and Canterbury Woods. 

Try and get the licnese plate and call 911 if you see a dark blue van with a FedEx sign.  In fact, try and get plate numbers, pictures of autos, etc and anyone with FedEx sign s pasted to the window.  This was around 11:50 AM on Wednesday, December 4th. 

By Jean Avery
Redmond Neighborhood Blog Facebook comment

Education Hill Blood Drive December 8, 4-7

    DO YOU WANT TO DROP A POUND before the holidays?  (The homemade cookies may undermine this objective?)
  All this is possible with coming to the blood drive.  If we don’t see you, I thank you for your previous donations.  
IF YOU BRING A NEW DONOR,  I’ll have a coupon for a free car wash to clean your car!  
LAST MINUTE APPOINTMENTS :  206-605-1933  or hit REPLY to this email.  
Church of the HOly CROSS
11526 162nd Ave NE  (at the round-a-bout 116th & 162nd)
Redmond, WA  98052
When:  December 8, 4-7PM

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Redmond Police Capture Washington's Most Wanted Fugitive

Citizen Identified Suspect From Facebook Post  
Redmond, Wash. - Redmond Police Officers took Washington's Most Wanted fugitive Precious Shabazz, 18, into custody on Nov. 29.
The reporting party, who saw Shabazz inside a retail store on 17100 block of Redmond Way, contacted Redmond Police Department after recognizing Shabazz from Washington's Most Wanted's Facebook page.
Shabazz, wanted in a violent Nov. 5 downtown Seattle robbery where she kicked and punched a store employee, was chased and captured by Redmond Police after she fled the store. Several stolen items were recovered.    
Redmond Police arrested Shabazz and transferred custody to Seattle Police Department.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Volunteer Transportation Helps Senior Adjust and Adapt to New Life in Redmond

Volunteer to be a driver for Redmond Seniors

When Audrey lived in Kyoto for a year, she was a very particular shopper.  Storekeepers listened patiently as she used great detail to describe the precise item she sought-- stipulating its size, colors, shape, and design.  But Audrey really wasn’t picky, and her true purpose was not to purchase something specific.  Audrey shopped to learn.   She used these daily excursions to practice her Japanese vocabulary and become more fully immersed in the culture that surrounded her.

Japan is just one of the diverse locations that Audrey has called home.   She has also lived in New York, Germany, Taiwan, and Kansas.  She has a strong sense of adventure; she loves learning; and she has a deep appreciation for the arts.  She lives fully, no matter where she resides.

Audrey moved to Redmond three years ago.  She sorted through the countless things that filled the home she’d shared with her late husband, donated her beloved piano to a local nonprofit organization, packed up all of the meaningful artwork she’d collected over the years, and left Kansas behind.  She was eager to see her grandchildren more often; she was ready to open up a new chapter of her life in Western Washington. 

Audrey attempted to adjust and adapt to her new environment—as she had always done.  But it wasn’t so easy this time.  The process of downsizing and relocating after the loss of her husband was much more difficult than she’d imagined.  She explains, “It was very, very traumatic.  Frankly, I just wasn’t myself for the first two years.”  

Audrey discovered Volunteer Transportation as she transitioned to her new life in Redmond.  She was afraid to drive longer distances, and her dentist’s office informed her that the program’s volunteer drivers could take her to her appointments in Seattle, Bellevue, and Kirkland.  She was delighted.

The volunteer drivers have been very welcoming and kind to Audrey.  She enjoys their conversations during rides, and she doesn’t know what she’d do without the program.  She makes an effort to tell each and every volunteer how much she appreciates their help.  Audrey says, “I tell them how important their volunteer work is—that it’s a wonderful contribution to our community.”  She adds, “It’s a great service, and it’s much, much needed.” 

Audrey, who is now 82, credits Volunteer Transportation for helping her to feel more at home in the Pacific Northwest.  Starting anew was not easy, and it took some time to get her bearings straight.  But Audrey is her determined, creative, and curious self once again.

**You can help more local seniors like Audrey get “on the road” to improved health and peace of mind!   Volunteer drivers are needed throughout King County.   If you have a reliable vehicle, clean driving record, and some weekday availability, this is the role for you. Call (206) 748-7588, email Hilary at hilaryc@seniorservices.org, or visit www.seniorservices.org/transportation to find out more.  Discover why rides change lives!


Friday, November 21, 2014

LWSD seeks volunteers to serve on Middle School Advisory Committee

Parents/Community Members Needed for LWSD Middle School Grading Advisory Committee
Group to study, give advice and make recommendations on new middle school report card
Redmond, Wash. – When Lake Washington School District changed from a junior high school (grades seven through nine) model to a middle school (grades six through nine) model, it focused on making these schools a smooth transition from elementary school to high school. In the course of that transition, staff and administrators realized the middle school report card was not serving students and parents as well as it could.  Read More >>

Thursday, November 20, 2014

City of Redmond Union and Non-Union 2014 Pay Plans awarded

The 2014 monthly pay limits were recently awarded by City Council for their Non-Union employees.  Their new pay plan scale can be found here.  RCHEA Union pay plans are here

Reported by Bob Yoder

I regret to inform you the links have been broken.  Go HERE TO FIND THE PAY PLANS. 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Water Tenders: Lower Bear Creek is Relocated

Water Tenders is a local grass roots organization dedicated to the stewardship of Bear Creek streams in King County.  Their Fall Newsletter HERE has a great article on the recent relocation of Lower Bear Creek by Redmond Town Center.  Enjoy!

And don't miss their 25th Anniversary newsletter edition here.

I apologize: the links are broken

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Donate Blood at Public Safety Building Nov. 21

Share your blood with those who will be VERY THANKFUL to receive it!
There is a GREAT NEED for extra blood donors going into the holidays & we still have over 25 openings for this week’s blood drive!
Friday, November 21st
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
(closed 11:00 am to 11:45 am)
8701 160th Ave NE in Public Safety Bldg.
*Photo ID or PSBC Donor card required for all donors!*
Contact the Puget Sound Blood Center's Criteria Specialists at schedule@psbc.org or call 1-800-398-7888 for specific eligibility questions.

City of Redmond is recruiting three new volunteers for the Arts and Culture Commission

Redmond, WA - The The City of Redmond is recruiting three new volunteer members of the Arts and Culture Commission to begin their service in April 2015. Redmond residents, unincorporated King County residents or people who work in Redmond are eligible to apply. Candidates are encouraged to apply by January 6, 2015.

For over 25 years, the Arts and Culture Commission has improved the quality life for the Redmond community by advising the Mayor and City Council on arts and cultural affairs in the City. Past accomplishments include: inaugurating the City’s Public Art Program, providing music and theatre experiences for the community, and seeding local festivals in the City including the Ananda Mela Indian Cultural Festival and the Digital Arts Festival.

Now, the mission of the Arts and Culture Commission is to be a catalyst for Redmond’s diverse and inventive community. The focus of this work includes: cultural planning to make the arts accessible creating a place for the arts and nurturing the arts in Redmond. Current activities include implementing the Art Plan for Downtown Redmond, investigating the economic impact of the arts in Redmond and the Eastside, and identifying the cultural needs of our changing community.  Read More >>

"Fight Back" cancer award presented to Sen. Andy Hill and Rep. Ross Hunter

SEATTLE...The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network presented Sen. Andy Hill and Rep. Ross Hunter with the Fight Back award at the group’s annual Legacy and Leadership Awards ceremony held Thursday evening at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Hill and Hunter, both cancer survivors, were recognized for their work to protect the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program.  Read More >>

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Open Enrollment for the Washington State Health Insurance Exchange begins November 15

As part of the Affordable Care Act, open enrollment for the Washington State Health Insurance Exchange begins on November 15th. To help consumers better understand and navigate this process, BridgeSpan Health President, Chris Blanton, has compiled a brief list of the most important things consumers need to know when evaluating and purchasing health plans.  Read More >>
For the hundreds of thousands of Washington residents who have not had health insurance for many years, or are signing up for the first time, the task can seem daunting due to the numerous options available to choose from. BridgeSpan Health is committed to informing and educating consumers so they know exactly what they’re purchasing. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Open enrollment starts Nov. 15, 2014 and ends on Feb. 15, 2014.
    • In order to have coverage by Jan.1, 2015, you must enroll by Dec. 23, 2014.
  • Evaluate your annual healthcare needs and budget to determine the right mix of monthly premium and out-of-pocket costs.
  • Monthly premium is only one component of the cost of health insurance and picking a plan just on a premium cost may not be the best decision.
    • If the plan selected has lower monthly premiums, the out-of-pocket costs may be higher.
    • A higher monthly premium may lower your out-of-pocket cost.
  • Visit the websites of the plans you are interested in for additional details and specifics about coverage and benefits. 
    • Call the plan’s customer support line for any unanswered questions.
  • If you have established doctors and want to keep seeing them, you should confirm that they are in the network of the plan you are considering.
  • If you’re taking a certain prescription medication, is that drug covered, and how much of the cost will you be responsible for?
  • If you are eligible for a subsidy, make sure you evaluate the cost of the plan after the subsidy has been applied.
    • Even if you think you can’t afford health insurance, visit the Exchange to see how federal subsidies may reduce your monthly premium
  • If you had a plan through the exchange in 2014, visit the marketplace again to evaluate the new plan designs, new network options and new carriers on the market for 2015. You could find a plan that better meets your needs.

City of Redmond celebrates Redmond Lights December 6

Redmond, WA – The City of Redmond celebrates Redmond Lights, its annual Winter Festival, on Saturday, December 6th from 4:00 – 8:00 p.m. The annual event celebrates the City’s cultural diversity with traditions, activities, and fun for all ages.
The event begins at Redmond City Hall at 4:00 p.m. with free entertainment, a bon fire, food, and fun activities including the dissemination of the 2014 Redmond Lights blinkers (while supplies last). Mayor Marchione, along with a jolly guy in a red suit and white beard, will light campus before departing on the luminary walk. The walk meanders down the Redmond Central Connector to Redmond Town Center with performances and light displays along the way. The fun and entertainment continue there with an outdoor skating rink, ice sculpture, reindeer, holiday carousel, kid’s activities, and more.
Performances throughout the event include a trombone band, chorus, singing choir, handbell choir, Fire performance, and more.
Parking is available at Redmond Town Center or City Hall Parking garage. A free shuttle runs that day between both locations from 3:30 – 8:30 p.m. For more information about Redmond Lights visit www.redmondlights.com.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4th Annual Poultry Predictor Race November 16

Redmond, WA - Predict your finish time and win a turkey! Join us for our fourth annual Poultry Predictor Race on Sunday, November 16. New in 2014, the race is now a 5K on a downtown Redmond course! The race is open to all levels of runners and you do not have to cross the finish line first to win! The five participants closest to their predicted finish time will receive a frozen turkey! There are no timing devices allowed on the course including mp3 players, iPod’s, or GPS watches, and the only clock will be at the start/finish line. A professional timing company will chip time the event. Participants, limited to 100, can sign-up to compete in the predictor division or choose to sign-up for a regular 5K Run/Walk division.  Read More >>

Three LWSD schools have been named "Schools of Distinction"

Redmond, Wash. – Three Lake Washington School District schools have been named “Schools of Distinction” by the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE). Discovery Community School (Kirkland), Evergreen Middle School (Redmond), and Kirkland Middle School (Kirkland) were among 101 schools statewide in the top 5 percent for improvement on the state’s Reading / Math index test scores for students. Read More >>

Thursday, November 6, 2014

NAMI-Eastside Educational Forum November 18

Please join us at this FREE educational event. Open to the Public.

LOCATION: EVERGREEN HEALTH MEDICAL CENTER, SUITE TAN 100, 12303 NE 130TH LANE, KIRKLAND, WA 98034, (Use the blue parking garage)