Friday, May 22, 2015

Lake Washington School District saves taxpayers $17.3 million through bond refinancing

District receives S&P upgrade to share highest rating for school districts in the state
Redmond, Wash. – The Lake Washington School District locked in a savings of over $17.3 million on May 14 by lowering the interest cost on $167.8 million of its debt through issuing refunding bonds.
The District recently received a Standard & Poor’s (S&P) Rating Services upgrade from ‘AA’ to ‘AA+’ for its existing debt and for the Unlimited Tax General Obligation Refunding Bonds, 2015. The rating has a stable outlook.  The refunding bonds were priced by the District’s bond underwriters May 14. Moody’s Investors Service (Moody’s) assigned its highest possible rating, ‘Aaa,’ to the bonds.
Dr. Traci Pierce, superintendent, said, “One of our goals is to use resources effectively and be fiscally responsible. We seek these kinds of opportunities to save taxpayer dollars.” Read More>>

Fields to challenge Marchione in mayoral election--Redmond Reporter

  • by SAMANTHA PAK,  Redmond Reporter Reporter 
  • May 18, 2015 at 10:00AM updated May 20, 2015 at 2:25PM

  • Steve Fields - Courtesy photo
    Steve Fields
    — image credit: Courtesy photo
    Steve Fields has challenged John Marchione in the upcoming City of Redmond mayoral election. Marchione will be seeking his third term in the Nov. 3 general election.
    Fields, a 62-year-old Redmond resident, told the Reporter that he is choosing to run because he has seen a lot of changes in the city and is concerned with the use of city money and how it is being managed.
    He added that Redmond is starting to become too costly to live here, and if elected mayor, Fields said he wants to maintain the city's livability as it grows.
    "I love Redmond," Fields said, adding that the city has been a great place for him and his family to live.
    He said it would also be good to bring a new face and perspective into the picture. If elected, Fields said he wants the city government to be more effective and inclusive to include more citizen input as they have a stake in what happens in town.
    “The current mayor talks about the importance of city government living within its means. But are city leaders making decisions that would allow small businesses, retirees and working families to live within their means?” he said in a press release. He added that parks and recreational facilities are deteriorating, and neighborhoods are being ignored while the city focuses its investment on downtown changes.
    Currently, Fields is co-owner of Down Pour Coffee Bar in Redmond. According to his resume, he has also worked as a strategic adviser/business analyst for the City of Seattle. He has also held a number of positions with King County, including business and finance manager for the Public Health Department, project manager for the Department of Executive Services and budget manager for the Office of Management and Budget.
    According to the press release, Fields is a government efficiency guru who designs and implements systems to bring public budgets under control, making them more transparent and understandable for the citizens they are meant to benefit.
    During his “Field campaign,” he will meet with voters on their doorsteps.
    “I’m ready to listen, something that’s become a lost political art," he said in the press release. "I’m also ready to hear new ideas and build community engagement that’s real, not contrived meetings and overused ribbon-cutting ceremonies that lack spirit and authenticity."
    Fields is married to his coffee shop partner, Ronni Fields, and has lived in Redmond for almost 25 years. He has three children and is a local sports, tennis and health advocate and coached basketball, baseball and soccer in Redmond’s recreation leagues.

    Steve Fields Linked-In

    Thursday, May 21, 2015

    LETTER: Assistance League of the Eastside meets at the LWSD resource center

    Thank you for your very informative neighborhood blog.  My husband and I are raising four children here in Redmond and we love this community.  
    I am also a member of Assistance League of the Eastside, an all-volunteer nonprofit that serves children, women and families right here on the Eastside.  Although we serve the whole Eastside area, we are based in Redmond and meeting in the LWSD resource center.  Since 1992, Assistance League of the Eastside has returned over $4 million to the community through our philanthropic programs - our largest of which is Operation School Bell®  Through this program we provide new school clothing to local students in need.  So far this school year alone we have provided new school clothing to over 4,000 students in Lake Washington, Bellevue and Northshore School Districts.  We raise and spend our funds locally and have opportunities for local businesses and community members to get involved or partner with us. 

    We would love to be listed on your organizations page under nonprofits.  We are a human service nonprofit dedicated to "making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults touched by hardship and violence."
    Jen Mayo
    Caring and Commitment in Action

    We’d love to connect with you on Facebook and You Tube.

    Preserve Wayne Golf Course land for recreation, education, and fish and wildlife habitat

    Preserve the Wayne Golf Course land, situated along the Sammamish River and Burke-Gilman trail, for recreation, education, and fish and wildlife habitat.

    All residents of Washington need to act now. Wayne Golf Course front 9 is for sale. The back 9 is under a binding purchase-and-sale agreement with developers. The golf course faces two possible futures. It can become yet another housing development, or it can become the site of a recreation and restoration project that will contribute to the recovery of endangered species.

     Email your legislator

     OneBothell is dedicated to uniting neighbors and friends of Bothell to address important community issues. 

    • Our mission is to preserve the Wayne Golf Course land, situated along the Sammamish River and Burke-Gilman trail, for recreation, education, and fish and wildlife habitat. 

    • We are working with the public, the golf course owners, the City of Bothell, King County, and the State of Washington to purchase Wayne Golf Course land for the community. 

    To learn more about the Wayne Golf Course land click here.
    Wanye Golf Bridge

    How you can help. 

    By signing the petition, your vote will be submitted to the City of Bothell against any future development of the Wayne Golf Course land. Your comments also get emailed to state legislators. They need to hear from the public how important it is to preserve this land. Every petition signed makes a difference.

    OneBothell consists of volunteers from the community. Even a small amount of your time is valuable to us. To learn about the different ways you can help click the button below

    Wednesday, May 20, 2015

    Annual vegetation maintenance alongside Sammamish River Trail will require "rolling closures"

    Annual vegetation maintenance alongside King County Parks’Sammamish_River_Trail Burke Gilman and Sammamish River trails will require several weeks of “rolling closures” with delays of up to 15 minutes for trail users as crews perform the work.

    Beginning Tuesday, May 26 at approximately 7:30 a.m., crews using tractor mowers will start clearing vegetation along the Burke Gilman Trail at the Seattle-Lake Forest Park boundary near Northeast 145th Street.
    Working Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., crews will continue their work until reaching King County’s Marymoor Park in Redmond. The clearing is expected to be completed by June 19.
    Trail traffic will be controlled by flaggers in both directions through the active work area to ensure safety while the work is underway.
    The mower will be operated in 15-minute intervals, then driven off the trail and shut down to allow traffic to pass, before resuming for another 15-minute stretch of work.
    Clearing vegetation from the trails’ shoulders and ditches helps keep these popular routes safe for the public by maintaining open sightlines and improving drainage.

    Redmond Police: Car vs Motorcycle Collision with critical injuries

    Redmond, Wash. -  On May 19, 2015 at 6:14 PM, A Redmond Traffic Officer observed a motorcycle involved in a possible road rage incident in the downtown area.  The Officer attempted to stop the motorcycle however the suspect fled at a high rate of speed.  The Officer did not follow.  Minutes later, several 911 calls were received reporting a motorcycle versus car collision on Bear Creek Parkway. 
    Officers responded and observed a motorcycle off the roadway in the grass.  Preliminary information reveals several witnesses reported seeing the motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed prior to the collision.  The rider appears to have lost control of the motorcycle and struck the rear bumper of the victim vehicle.   The motorcycle was the same one observed by the Officer earlier.
    The rider, a 28 year old male Kirkland resident, was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained head injuries.  He was transported to Harborview Medical Center where he was last reported in critical condition. The victim was uninjured. 
    The collision is being investigated by the Traffic Division.  Bear Creek Parkway has been closed while the investigation is being conducted.  If you witnessed the collision please contact Officer Shone at (425) 556-2500.

    Sunday, May 17, 2015

    Are Redmond's City Council members doing a good job?

    "Are Redmond's City Council members doing a good job?"  This was a "question of the week" in the Redmond Reporter's May 15th edition.  The answer to the poll was Yes:  36.8%  No: 63.2%. 

    I was surprised that nearly 2/3 of those polled felt Redmond City Council members were not doing a good job.  That is a significant number of people!  So how do you think the Council could do better?  Re-look at the city's growth policy?  Are we growing too fast?  Establish greater efficiencies within the government?  Should Council have to ask us for more levy money?  Pay more attention to neighborhood issues?  Is Council over-involved in regional issues?  City Council follows Mayor Marchione in lock-step.  Should they be more outspoken?

    What do you think is right or wrong about the City Council?  The City is always posting favorable results on the many surveys they take on citizen satisfaction.  This Redmond Reporter poll is a true eye-opener.

    Opinion by Bob Yoder


    Redmond Mayoral Candidate Steve Fields Resume

    " I am not a career politician but my experience in local government is extensive. In the positions I have worked, I have had the chance to see King County and City of Seattle operations from all perspectives. I worked with all department heads, elected leaders, finance manager, and all levels of staff and external partners. I want to bring that experience to Redmond as Mayor. I want the people who live here to have an efficient, effective and transparent City government that people can trust and rely on."

    16909 NE 105th St.  Redmond, WA.  98052
    C:  425-444-3188  H:  425 881-7106  E:  Linked-In

    Down Pour Coffee Bar LLC                                                                                2014-Present
    Co-Owner/Project Manager
    • Planned, designed, and managed construction of 1303 Square Foot Facility
    • Co-founded a highly successful, profitable, and popular coffee shop
    City of Seattle, Seattle WA.                                                                                  2013-2014
    Strategic Advisor/Business Analyst-City Budget Office
    • Project Manager for Citywide Budget System Implementation
    • Provided leadership in process improvement for budget preparation for City Budget Office
    • Prepared a strategic guideline to implement city-wide Performance Management capabilities
    King County, Seattle, WA.                                                                                    2003-2013
    Business and Finance Manager - Public Health Department                                 2013-2013
    • Established business process improvement program
    • Coordinated activities of divisional finance managers
    Project Manager - Department of Executive Services                                             2009-2012
    • Managed implementation of countywide budget system
    • Managed development of countywide Performance Management solution
    • Managed Benefits Realization plan for $84M Program to update County-wide business systems    
    Budget Manager - Office of Management and Budget                              2003-2009                              
    • Managed professional staff supporting the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Transportation
    • Oversight on behalf of Executive Office on Capital and Information Technology projects
    • Governance Finance Committee chair supporting, Strategic Technology Plan, IT Business Plans, policies, procedures and guidelines
    Prior Accomplishment in Telecommunication and Aerospace Industries
    • Developed Program Management Office to oversee standardize project management methods for large wireless engineering department
    • Developed and managed a system of performance metrics for wireless company including call center data, system-wide performance, and asset management
    • Business Manager for Aerospace customer solutions including United State Space and Defense Programs
    • Negotiated vendor agreements resulting in multi-million dollar savings
    • Business development and project management consultant for business delivering advanced technology solutions
    • B.S. Accounting, San Diego State University
    • Graduate Courses, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
    • Training in Project Management, Government Financial Management, Contracts Administration and Negotiations, Certified Government Manager and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
    A photo of Steve Fields was provided but unfortunately I'm having technical difficulties posting it. B.Y.

    Steve Fields contests John Marchione in run for Mayor

    Steve Fields: A New Voice with the Right Experience for Redmond

    REDMOND, WA – You can find him early every morning with his wife at Down Pour Coffee Bar in Redmond, serving up some of the best cups of coffee – and community conversations – on the Eastside. But for the next six months, you will most likely find Steve Fields walking to homes and businesses in his beloved Redmond as he today filed his official paperwork to run for Redmond Mayor.

    Steve Fields, 62, is a government efficiency guru who designs and implements systems to bring public budgets under control, making them more transparent and understandable for the citizens they are meant to benefit. For more than 30 years he has worked to improve the performance of businesses and government, helping King County and the City of Seattle become more financially accountable for the services people expect their governments to deliver.

    Why is Steve Fields running for Mayor?

    “Redmond is changing very fast. We are building everywhere. We have endless traffic congestion. Our parks and recreational facilities are deteriorating, and our neighborhoods are being ignored while we focus our investment on the changes in downtown. We’re losing the beauty that is Redmond; we are losing confidence in leadership that is promoting growth, but does not have a plan on how to manage this growth so it works for everyone.” he said.

    “People are frustrated and feel powerless. There is a sense we will just have to endure the consequences of haphazard growth and in the end pay more to cover costs of the infrastructure, parks, and transit improvements for development projects that have not been well planned. The current request for a bond and levy increase this year should have already been included in our budgets. The question I asked myself when I decided to run for Mayor is “How did we get here?”

    “The current Mayor talks about the importance of city government living within its means. But are city leaders making decisions that would allow small businesses, retirees, and working families to live within their means?” he said.  

    Fields will take on two-term Redmond Mayor John Marchionne. “John has been a good caretaker Mayor and completed a number of city projects during his term, but Redmond needs new leadership focused on efficient government and inclusive growth. We need to find ways out of a bureaucracy that requires constant tax dollar increases but still doesn’t address Redmond priorities.”

    Fields is promising a “Field campaign” – one where most of the voters will meet him on their doorstep as he goes to them. “I’m ready to listen, something that’s become a lost political art. I’m also ready to hear new ideas and build community engagement that’s real, not contrived meetings and ribbon cutting ceremonies that lack spirit and authenticity.”

    Steve Fields, married to his coffee shop partner, Ronni Fields, has lived in Redmond for almost 25 years. His three children attended Redmond schools and his youngest child, Jackson Fields, will graduate next year from Redmond High School. Steve Fields, a local sports, tennis and health advocate, coached Redmond kids in basketball, baseball, and soccer in Redmond’s recreation leagues. Steve loves living in Redmond. “Redmond needs to keep its heart and soul. It needs to be a livable city for everyone. We can’t let unmanaged growth and government inefficiencies destroy the community we have built and love he said.

    Steve Fields Linked-In

    Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    Small Business Owner and Charity Advocate Hank Myers Announces Redmond City Council Reelection Campaign

      Diverse group of leaders in business, non-profit organizations
    and the region announce their endorsements

                Small Business Owner and charity advocate Hank Myers today announced he will run for re-election to the Redmond City Council. A diverse group of supporters lined up behind Myers, reflecting his work in Redmond to promote responsible tax policy and regulation, reduced traffic and his caring voice in support of community organizations.

    “What makes Redmond great is the way we combine the innovative spirit of business with a sense of community and caring,” said Myers. “To have leaders in business and local non-profits supporting my reelection means a great deal and it reflects my efforts to keep the tax burden on families and businesses down while lifting up those who are in need.

    In addition to serving on the Redmond City Council, he also represents the city’s salmon recovery efforts on the local watershed council and served on several transportation advisory groups.

    “Working with business and non-profits demonstrates that in many ways they both need the same thing – the freedom and encouragement to solve the problems in the way that works for those they serve. That is the spirit I bring to the council – the recognition that solutions come from the community to City Hall if we listen,” said Myers.

    Myers used his successful business background to improve the finances of Eastside Friends of Seniors as Director and help guide Redmond’s Together Center into more direct client services, despite the challenges of the economic downturn.

    “I met Hank Myers as part of a Leadership Eastside project I organized to refurbish a Friends of Youth facility for homeless teens,” said Stu Linscott. “Hank worked ceaselessly until the project was complete. His dedication to getting the best results sets him apart."

    Hank also earned the respect of regional leaders for his work to make Redmond a great place to live.

    “I have known Hank Myers for many years in my work at Metro Transit and my association with the Together Center in Redmond,” says Barb de Michele. “He helped create high speed transit service between Redmond and Seattle. Hank is an advocate with amazing energy who listens and supports the community.”

    Hank and his wife Christine have lived in Redmond for nearly 40 years, where they raised two children.

    Monday, May 11, 2015

    Celebration for Bear Creek Restoration Partnership


    Redmond, WA - Come help us celebrate the completion of the newly relocated and restored lower Bear Creek. The project, located between SR 520 and Bear Creek Parkway, behind Redmond Town Center, relocated about 3,000 feet of Bear Creek from the mostly straight, channelized “stream” to a meandering, reshaped, and re-planted channel, in an existing adjacent open space.
    The project established stream buffers consistent with the City’s Critical Areas Ordinance and allowed the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) “Stage 3” widening of the SR 520 freeway adjacent to Bear Creek. The parallel path and “side-routes” allow people to walk over to the stream and to view and interact with a much improved Bear Creek.

    “This collaboration between the City and State emphasizes how proactively addressing our regional transportation challenges and improving our environment can move us forward together,” stated Mayor John Marchione. “Relocating and restoring this portion of Bear Creek into a productive salmon-bearing stream continues the City’s commitment to protect and improve our environment.”

    The grand opening celebration will be held on Thursday, May 14, from 5 - 6 pm on the Bear Creek Trail (adjacent to 168th Avenue NE and Bear Creek Parkway).

    For more information about the Bear Creek Restoration, contact Mike Haley, Project Manager, at or 425-556-2843. This press release is available on

    Reprint: Redmond has restored the Upper Reach of Willows Creek

    Reprinted from Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Redmond is Restoring The Upper Reach of Willows Creek

    Willows Creek
    Have you ever been to Willows Creek?  Oh my!  It's probably one of the most beautiful, urban natural open spaces remaining in Redmond.   If you look hard you'll find an unmarked trail-head in Willows Creek Park that will take you to it.  We hiked the creek a couple of weeks ago and took a few pictures
    Willows Creek is good size stream that drains the western "Rose Hill" watershed area.  It flows into the Sammamish River in the vicinity of Willows Golf Course.   According to Tom Hardy of the Redmond Department of Natural Resources Department, (DNR) federally protected Chinook salmon often find "safe harbor" in the cool waters of the mouth of Willows Creek.   Chinook linger in Willows Creek as they swim upstream toward Bear Creek to spawn.   But they no longer spawn in here owing to habitat destruction.
    Years ago, the creek forests were severely logged  and the salmon stopped spawning to the upper reaches of the creek.  As you can see, it's a beautiful meandering stream with gravel beds, perfect for salmon rearing.   Tom Hardy's crew has a project underway this summer to restore the creek banks and improve the habitat for fish. 

    As we speak, they are placing new logs and fallen trees along 800 feet of the upper reach.  These logs will help shore up eroded banks, control floods, reduce sediment, and create pools.  Tom's crew will plant over 100 trees to shelter the creek and cool the waters.  This is a Department of Natural Resources project funded by our Stormwater rate bills.   Is it possible the salmon and trout will someday swim up Willows Creeks again to spawn?  I think that's the city's hope.   
    Bear Creek,  Evans Creek and the Sammamish River encircles Redmond.  They are valuable, wild urban salmon bearing streams which makes Redmond  unique.  Peter's Creek and Willows Creek flow into the Sammamish River from the West.  They are just north of the 90th Street Bridge.           
    By Bob Yoder
    Photo and slides by Yoder

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    May 18 Sustainable Redmond Speaker Series on Community Gardens

    Eastside Community Gardens Topic of May 18 Meeting:

    Sustainable Redmond Spring Speaker Series Continues at Old Redmond Schoolhouse


    Sustainable Redmond will hold the third of its Spring Speaker Series at 7pm on Monday, May 18th at Redmond’s Old Schoolhouse Community Center – a change from past meeting venues.  This meeting will highlight community garden initiatives in Kirkland and Bellevue as well as Redmond.  The meeting is open to everyone and all are welcome to attend.  Read More >>

    City Council approves over $382,454 on projects to improve fish passage in three Redmond creeks

    The City Council approved $382,454 on projects to improve fish passage in Juel Creek, Peters Creek, and Seidel Creek.  Seidel Creek is in the Watershed Preserve.  Peters Creek is a tributary to the Sammamish River near Willows Road.  Juel Creek is a tributary to Bear Creek.  Read More>>

    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Executive Constantine speaks his mind about Shell Oils request to establish an Arctic drilling operation at Port of Seattle's Terminal

    Executive Constantine today issued a statement in regard to the City of Seattle's Department of Planning and Development denying a request by Shell Oil to establish an Arctic drilling operation at the Port of Seattle's Terminal 5.


    "I commend the City of Seattle for ensuring that all rules are followed as Shell Oil seeks to site its Arctic drilling fleet at the Port of Seattle's Terminal 5. We are in a race against time to drastically reduce carbon emissions while preparing as best we can for the impacts of diminishing snowpack and rising sea levels.
    "Instead of putting all our effort into real economic development - like highly profitable clean-energy technology and manufacturing - we're being asked to allow our publicly-owned port facilities to play host to Arctic oil-drilling operations, accelerating an already dire local and global crisis.
    "This is the wrong direction for any community, but doubly so for King County, with our environmental ethic and our enormous capacity to invent the future. We should be using our resources to support innovative companies that are creating 21st-century energy solutions rather than fossil-fuel operations that threaten both Arctic waters and our entire planet. Let's invest in economic activity that keeps us competitive in the global market and sustains our environment and quality of life.
    "And as a state that depends heavily on trade, we should be wary of making container ships compete with fossil-fuel-drilling vessels for space at our ports."

    King County News

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Redmond Saturday Market's Opening Day is May 2nd

    Redmond Saturday Market's Opening Day is May 2nd!

    We're back for our 40th Season! Calling all shoppers, all locally-made enthusiasts and all farm fresh foodies - your favorite Eastside market opens this Saturday! Let the farmer's market festivities begin!
    We sure have missed you these past few months! Providing Eastsiders with fresh, locally grown produce and quality handmade arts and crafts is both a passion and a lifestyle for us, and we're beyond excited to share it with you!
    Join us at 9:00 sharp for our Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Marchione - he'll be honoring us with his presence and kicking off the season. And he'll be backed up by a band-the Redmond High School Pep Band to be exact! They'll be playing some terrific tunes for your listening pleasure! This is something you won't want to miss-they put on quite the sterling performance.  Read More>>

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015

    Mayor Marchione presents 4 sites for the proposed pool-community center-senior center-teen center complex

    Mayor Marchione and his staff presented four potential sites for a proposed "community center-pool-senior center-teen center" complex to city council last night.  All sites, according to President Hank Margeson had some drawbacks -- mostly parking and traffic flow.  Council agreed to spend $17,000 to further study three of the sites.

    So far the site that has gotten the most study and review by Marchione is Fire Station 11 headquarters and the Edge Skate park.  Yes, that's right.  They are actually considering removing both the downtown Fire Station and the Edge Skate Park.  Parks Director Larson said the Skate Park could be re-built on the city campus and it would be larger then the present park.  They would probably have to buy land to rebuild the Fire Station headquarters. 

    Though President Margeson didn't commit to a site preference, he liked the nearby parking available from the Park and Ride building.  Councilmember David Carson indicated his preference in working with Kirkland on a pool and was concerned about the high costs associated with the complex.  He didn't like the Firehouse/Skate Board site.  Councilmember Allen wanted more information on the de-watering and associated costs that would have to be done on the sites.  Councilmember Hank Myers asked for traffic studies. 

    It just seems like Marchione and staff are dead set on cramming in all these recreational buildings into downtown Redmond -- which is already stressed out from traffic and parking issues.  Hopefully Redmond can work with Kirkland on a joint pool site.

    Marchione, Carson, and Myers terms of office are expiring on 12/31/2015 and it's not too late to apply with King County Elections to run for office.

    Reported/Opinion by Bob Yoder


    Friday, April 24, 2015

    Redmond's oldest service group to share it's history and role of women in community

      Community service groups have helped shape Redmond, but none has been around as long as the Nokomis Club –  founded by six women in 1909 to bring culture to what was then a Wild West Redmond. Set up as a literary club, the organization eventually went on to found Redmond’s first library. Alexa Munoz, current club president, will present the Nokomis story at the Redmond Historical Society's Saturday Speaker Series program on May 9th at 10:30am at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center.

    “The history of the Nokomis Club is an example of the role that women played in the community during the first half of the last century,” says Munoz. “It’s a great topic for Mother’s Day weekend.”  Read More >>

    City of Redmond Positions up for re-election 2015

    Filing deadline is May 15

     FROM PAIGE NORMAN'S  BLOG: "Paiges Prattle"
    5 offices in our current City of Redmond legislature will be up for vote this coming August. (August 4th Primary) and November (November 3 General Election).  All terms end December 31, 2015.
    The first position is Mayor of the City of Redmond; this is a non-partisan office.  Currently this position is held by John Marchione.  According to the City of Redmond web page, Mayor Marchione was elected in 2007 and is serving his 2nd term (this election would be running for his third term).  At this time he is unopposed.
    The City of Redmond is a classified as a non-charter Code city, that operates under the Mayor-Council plan of government.  (RCW 35A.12, RMC Chapter 1.02)  According to the candidate manual (pg. 14) for King County elections, “All cities in King County are “non-charter code” cities, except the city of Seattle and the towns of Beaux Arts Village, Hunts Point, Skykomish, and Yarrow Point.”
    What does the Mayor do?  This varies from city to city, but in Redmond, the Mayor presides over all meetings of Council,   and is responsible for administrative duties; including hiring and firing staff, veto power, implementation of legislation passed by the council and ceremonial duties.  He may also be the tie-breaker vote in council votes.  This is called a “council-strong mayor” structure.
    The remaining 4 positions are City Council members.  City of Redmond has 7 council positions; all non-partisan offices in staggered terms.  Council positions run 4 years; 3 positions expire in 2017 (Kimberly Allen Position 4, Byron Shutz Position 2 and John Stilin Position 6).  “The City Council adopts the City budget, establishes law and policy, approves appropriations and contracts, levies taxes and grants franchises.”
    Tom Flynn (Pos. #5) is retiring at the end of his term; at this time only one person has announced intent to run for his position.   Parks and Trails Commissioner Angela Birney announced her campaign for Redmond City Council Pos. 5 (Redmond Reporter, February 9, 2015).   At this time she is unopposed.
    The other 3 positions are uncontested at this time.  Position 1 is held by Hank Myers.  Hank has been a councilmember since 2008.  Position 3 is held by Hank Margeson and has been a councilmember since 2007.  Position 7 is held by David Carson, who has held the position since 2008.
    Persons interested in filing for candidacy must file intent no later than May 15th (page 10). A candidates must be a registered voter, file a Declaration of Candidacy and include either the filing fee or a completed filing fee petition.
    Candidate workshops will be held April 24th and 25th.

    Thursday, April 23, 2015

    Redmond Way - Cleveland St couplet conversion scheduled for late 2016

    Several weeks ago at a joint meeting with the City of Kirkland Mayor Marchione stated the "couplet conversion" would be installed late 2016 or early 2017.  The couplet conversion will change Redmond Way and Cleveland Street to two-way traffic flows.  It has been in the planning stages for years and is controversial.

    At last night's Redmond council meeting a measure on the couplet conversion was voted on during the consent agenda and the following conversation ensued.  Councilmember David Carson stated that he does not support the couplet conversion.  Councilmember Hank Myers stated that though he was concerned about the costs and over-runs he would vote in favor of the couplet measure because federal funds would be lost if it didn't move forward and "it's a good idea for flow."  Mayor Marchione, Carson and Myers terms expire on 12/31/2015 and their positions are up for grabs in the upcoming election.  The measure passed 6-1 (Carson).  Last year at a council meeting Hank Myers objected to traffic flow problems on a portion of Redmond Way that would be created by the conversion. 

    Reported by Bob Yoder

    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    Spring Plant Sale at LWIT runs next two weekends


    Kirkland, Wash. – The wait is over for the annual Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s (LWTech) Environment Horticulture spring plant sale. The sale, which runs this weekend, April 24th and 25th and next weekend, May 1st and 2nd at the greenhouses on the Kirkland campus, raises money to provide scholarships for the college’s horticulture students.

    Plants for sale are grown by LWTech’s horticulture students. There are blooming fuchsia baskets for the shade, mixed flowering baskets for the sun, veggie starts, herbs, four-packs of annual color to bloom all summer long, perennials and more.
    WHO:              Lake Washington Institute of Technology
    WHAT:           Annual Spring Plant Sale
    WHEN:            April 24th and 25th and May 1st and 2nd from 9:00am-3:00pm.
    WHERE:          The greenhouses at Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Kirkland campus at 11605 132nd Avenue NE, Kirkland, Wash. 98034
    Please coordinate with Leslie Cohan at or 425-739-8236 if you are planning on sending a crew or photographer. She will provide information for access to the sale.
    About Lake Washington Institute of Technology:
    Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is a public, broad-based technical institute providing education in more than 40 areas of study and offering pathways to certificates, associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees designed to give students the latest cutting edge skills relevant to today’s workplace.