Monday, June 1, 2020

Armed Citizens In Kirkland Supporting Protesters


A group of about 20 people armed with handguns and assault rifles have gathered in downtown Kirkland. They tell me they are here to support protestors but are going to stand up to any looting. #KOMONews
--Twitter, 6/1/2020


Beta V said...

So armed vigilantes are going to use deadly force against whom? Looting is not a capital crime. Neither is trespassing. Adding more guns to this volatile situation is just asking for more people to get killed. The National Guard is coming in but they are unarmed. This is not a "well-regulated militia."

Anonymous said...

I was proud to support our the protesters and protect our local businesses. I was an armed citizen, who has a family in Kirkland; and I support the protest. The point of expressing our 2nd amendment, was to protect our community’s property and businesses. It is sad to see Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding communities being Devastated by a few individuals, who have no direct connection with the protest, but only want to wreak havoc; and the message of the protest is lost by their blemishes.

rgrein said...

Well, that's a recipe for disaster. Untrained, unofficial armed guards with no command structure or accountability. Too many police fire with a crowded background as it is.

Guns are not the best weapons in many, many cases.