Friday, May 17, 2019

UPDATED: Graffiti Wall Art in "Edge Skate Park"

Credit Bob Yoder/ Redmond Neighborhood Blog 

Is this a salmon?  Do you see bubbles?  Gills?  An Eye?  Fins?  What's the significance of the bee? guard the art?  Does the flag indicate water flow....or if the fish is not swimming?  Is the artist integrating letters into the art?  Do you see two barbed hooks?  Anything else?

The Edge Skate Park graffiti walls are open public space.  Anyone can spray or roll art as long as it's civil.  The Fire Department House is next door and firelighters keep an eye on it.

Redmond Councilmember Hank Myers says he enjoys going the Edge Skate Park (next to the Park & Ride) every six months to view the ever-changing outdoor "graffiti" art. This is just one of four painted walls.

Factoid:  The walls have been painted so many times there's over an inch of paint layers.

-- Bob Yoder

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