Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mayor interviews Redmond photographer John Reinke

The Mayor interviewed nature photographer John Reinke for this summer's "Focus on Redmond" newsletter. It made the front page. John started as a local nature, environmental and cultural photographer.  Ten years later he's evolved into a photo-journalist as seen by his "The Bird With the Broken Wing" story.

Last week, on a field trip, John pointed out two bucks he found grazing in a seasonal wetland near Bear Creek Parkway.  He said "It's remarkable how nature can be found so close to downtown."  No doubt many move to Redmond for it's natural beauty, trails and open spaces.

John Reinke is a very important and special citizen in that ---- in this urban environment ---he brings Redmond nature to our doors.  I've known John for over 10 years and we gotten to be close friends. We meet regularly at SoulFood to review his latest pictures and hear recountings of where and how he engages with Redmond's wildlife and nature.  Many of his photos, comments and stories are posted here.  Read the Focus newsletter!  You'll see John is much more than a local photographer!

B. Yoder

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