Thursday, May 10, 2018

A look into the bowels of a 166th Ave. construction site

View from the 166th Ave. sidewalk
This construction site at 8360-165th Ave. NE is visible from 166th Ave. and 165th Ave.  It's currently named "The Village" and will have 96 multi-family apartments.  The entrance will be from 165th.

At last week's school board meeting, LWSD Director Mark Stuart suggested taking students to the school construction sites to study construction engineering AND the trades. Hiring and pay is strong in the trades. What a novel, innovative teaching idea!    Board member Cassandra Sage agreed with Mark. President Bliesner tabled the idea to move the meeting on.

In my opinion, the construction sites shouldn't have to be restricted to schools like Juanita.  This site can be easily and safely studied from a sidewalk, rain or shine with no mud.  Teachers could plan field trips around convenient times for the workers to learn from them,,,, maybe lunch time.

B. Yoder

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Mark W. Stuart said...

Bob -

Just to clarify, I was proposing that the District should create a CTE program in Construction Management for interested students at Juanita HS. At various groundbreaking and other school construction events, I have casually discussed the idea with members of our construction partners and they agreed that it was an idea worth developing.

By mentioning it at the Board meeting (again), I was trying to develop interest among staff at the decision-making level. Perhaps, with community support, the idea could take off.

Mark Stuart