Saturday, April 20, 2013

12 school districts sign up for charter schools

By Liv Finne
April 2, 2013

Yesterday the State Board of Education announced the school districts which have expressed interest in allowing students in their communities access to charter schools.
There are 12 districts: Battle Ground School District, Eastmont School District, Kent School District, Peninsula School District, Sequim School District, Sunnyside School District, Bellevue School District, Highline School District, Naselle School District, Port Townsend School District, Spokane School District and Tacoma School District.
The list includes some surprising entries like Tacoma, where school board members campaigned against Initiative 1240. The good news for Tacoma children is that local school officials have dropped their opposition. The list ranges from large, urban districts like Bellevue and Spokane, to small rural communities like Battle Ground and Naselle.
Interestingly, Highline School District, headed by former Seattle Superintendent Susan Enfield, is on the list. One suspects Ms. Enfield would not have been allowed to seek charter school access for local school children had she remained in Seattle.
These are exciting days for education reformers. I will continue to follow developments as part of Washington Policy Center's ongoing I-1240 Follow-Up Project. More to come.

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